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For 10 Minutes a Day, You Can Improve Your Songwriting by Doing These 7 Things

Posted by Jessica Brandon on Thu, Jan 02, 2020 @08:00 AM

by Ellie Coverdale


It is always said that the best way to get great at something is practice. This is no different when it comes to songwriting. To make progress, it doesn’t take too much time. If you devote just ten minutes a day to songwriting, you can help improve your craft. If you practice these seven things a day you will watch yourself become a more creative artist.


Write about objects

Engage your senses by picking and writing about any object. To start, write down any detail, characteristic, or feeling you get about this object. Make sure to go beyond the physical features of it. How does it sound, feel, smell, or even possibly taste? The reason you want to do this exercise is that it will teach you to notice details and articulate them.


Write down what is on your mind

For ten minutes a day, write down whatever is on your mind. This is a free-flowing exercise, so don’t worry about editing or moderating your thoughts. You can also pick a topic as a starting area, and just see where it takes you. Your mind may jump from thought to thought, and that’s okay. Once the ten minutes is up, look at what you wrote. There may be a thought in there that is creative enough for you to explore.


Play the word association game

A very popular exercise for musicians, doing word associate is a fantastic way to get creative and work on songs. Take a part of one of your songs, it can be a theme, title, or phrase, and write down what you think of that’s related to it. It doesn’t just have to be words, it can be phrases as well. Doing this may spur enough creativity to come up with a break-through.


Learn a song you love

This is a very relevant exercise as you are actively engaging in your art. This is also a more fun activity to do as well as this will be right in your wheel house. For ten minutes everyday, work on a new song to learn. It can be from your favorite band or lyricist. In the end, you will hopefully be able to perform the song, and if it all goes well, you now have a great cover song to perform whenever you want.


Journal writing

You should be writing in a journal every day for at least ten minutes. The content is completely up to you, it doesn’t have to be about songwriting. Having it be about your daily life will help keep things in perspective, including your goals and progress. Your emotions at a certain time, thoughts about things, and inspiration is important to reflect on for your artistic growth.


Seek out new experiences

Whether it’s taking a different route to where your going, or grabbing a coffee from a different café, switching your routine up is important. Gaining new experience will lead to an enhanced perspective on everything around you. Who knows, maybe you go down a certain alley and there is quote in graffiti that inspires you. Doing something new daily may be difficult, but you will be opening yourself up to experiences you may never have.

Use your imagination

This one may not be as difficult to do. Daydreaming and using your creative imagination is an important for songwriting. Creativity comes from the formula experience, coupled with how you perceive those experiences, and how you use those perceptions to interact with the world. All the great songwriters of our time do just this. Artists sing with such passion because they truly believe what they are singing about. Songwriters will always do their best writing if their perception of the world is fueling the pen on the notepad.

These are just a few exercises you can do to improve your songwriting. All these things can be done in ten-minute intervals, which makes them more convenient. The main theme of all these activities is trying to fuel your creativity. Engaging your mind with thought-provoking things will lead you to best songwriting you can do. Follow these seven tips to unlock your creativity and create the best art you can.


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