:. The Empowered Songwriter Process™


Promoting the art & excellence of songwriting

.: The Songwriters Top Prizes™
Our top grand prize of $50,000, the largest of its kind in the industry from major sponsors such as Sony, Audio-Technica, Mackie, PreSonus, Ibanez Guitars, etc.

.: The A&R Judging Network™
A&R Judging from all of the "big four" major labels Sony Music Entertainment
, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and EMI.

.: The Songwriter Showcase™
Unique Songwriter Showcases during SXSW and Bluebird Café showcase

.: The Songwriter Radio Show™
Unique Radio Podcast and radio promotion with Acoustic Caf
é, a syndicated radio show in 60 different cities.

.: The Connected Musician™
Blogs, links on musician, composing, songwriting tips

.: The Songwriter Rewards™
Enter early and receive freebies such as magazine subcriptions or FREE CDs.

Inspiring and giving songwriters the exposure since 1995

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