2017 Results


The results of the 22nd Annual USA Songwriting Competiton are out! We would like thank our entrants, judges and  sponsors for your support.

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"Family Tree" by Priscilla Hairston, Boots Ottstad & Ben Burgess; Los Angeles, CA
"Lay You Down" by Hope Schneir & Justin Schneir; Camarillo, CA
"Pity Party" by Aubrey Logan & Lisa Cole Bass; Bellevue, WA


    FIRST PRIZES in each of the 15 Categories:
"Soweto Travels" by Wouter Kellerman, Mauritz Lotz, Ratshepe Makhene, David Klassen & Steve Marshall; Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
"Different" by Cody Jay; Santa Ana, CA
"If You Drink" by John Cirillo, Dan Reifsnyder & Sarah Spencer; Nashville, TN
"Won't Let Go" by Rebecca Chase; Los Angeles, CA
"Lay You Down" by Hope Schneir & Justin Schneir; Camarillo, CA
"Heart Brake" by Seb Byford & Naked Six, North Yorkshire, UK
"When It Don't Come Easy" by Vanessa Collier; Chadds Ford, PA
"Major Minor" by Marla Lewis; Wantagh,  NY
"The Emoji Song" by Ben Rauch; New York, NY
"We Are Not Broken" by Eddie Gindi, Men In My Head, I.O.U and Andrea Martin; New York, NY
"Lo Que Perdi" by Efrain José Cedeño Pérez & Darwin Larez; Mexico City, MEXICO
"Sorry Charlie" by Emily Shlesinger; Dallas, TX
"Pity Party" by Aubrey Logan & Lisa Cole Bass; Bellevue, WA
"Family Tree" by Priscilla Hairston, Boots Ottstad & Ben Burgess; Los Angeles, CA
"Vara Vine" by Nevena Neskoska; Boston, MA
"Better" by Carly & Martina Spiro; Chicago, IL
"Makeup" by Sebastian Hughes; Honolulu, HI
"The Road Remains the Same" by James Kachulis & Shane Adams; North Andover, MA
"It's Halloween" by Lucy Kalantari; New York, NY
"Passion For Fashion" by Craig Raymo, Thommie Retter & Brandon Jarrett; Orlando, FL
"Banm Ma Baw" by Murielle Augustin Philippe-Auguste; Port-au-Prince, HAITI
"Si Dejo De Creer" by Tiffany Reyes & Maqui Reyes; San Jose, CA
"Stuck" by Nico Nieves; Los Angeles, CA
"Leave Me Alone" by Dione Taylor; Toronto, CANADA
"The Sound" by Matthew Epp & Faouzia Ouihya; Owen Sound, CANADA
"Cold Hard Sharp Dark" by Megan Slankard; San Francisco, CA
"Vaccine" by Collegians; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
"History's Gift" by Mark Watson & Paul Guerin; Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
"Sarabande de Solitude" by Julie Slim; Austin, TX
"Like Salt" by Helle Hansen; Copenhagen, DENMARK
"Age of Eternity" by John Fluker; Los Angeles, CA
"What if I'm wrong" by Eric Swanson, Jonathan McClanahan & Steve Clark; Nashville, TN
"Tequila'd" by Vanessa Selwyn & James Hoppe; Albury, AUSTRALIA
"Ghostships" by Casii Stephan; Tulsa, OK
"The Fight" by Kory Glattman & Torin Martinez; Los Angeles, CA


Here are the finalists of the 2017 Competition: 

Category/Song Title Songwriters Name (s)
Different Cody Jay
Fallin For You Kayla Renee Wandelt
Catch The Light Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino
Better Carly & Martina Spiro
Drive (Rush Hour Remix) Catherine Duc, Paloma Rush, Lars Deutsch
Sweet Amnesia  (Koko + Emeryld) Emily Shlesinger 
In Love Nevena Neskoska
I'm Waiting (feat. Zimri) Amie Zimmerman, Zimri & Jinco
Makeup Sebastian Hughes
Childish Mauricio Jimenez & Night Lights 
Kaleidoscope Jesse Terry
Family Artifacts John (Johnsmith) Smith
Against The Wall Big Little Lions
Lay You Down Hope Schneir & Justin Schneir
Leave Me Alone Dione Taylor
Keep Me Alive Joey Avalos, Liars, Thieves & Fools
Thinking Out Loud Josh West and Glen West
The Sound  Matthew Epp & Faouzia Ouihya
Brother Drew Angus, Sam Carlson & Nick Yost
Refugees Are Welcome Here Abe Loomis
Freebird Christian Porter & Regina Sayles
Feels So Right William Nutter & Amber Pacific
Greater Than Gravity Camilyn Morrison
A Life To Live Seb Byford & Naked Six
Heart Brake Seb Byford & Naked Six
I Always Knew Tom Murphy, Men and Whales
Cold Hard Sharp Dark Megan Slankard
Don't Believe a Word That I Say Dean Schimmelpfennig & Shiny Penny
Vaccine  Collegians
Destiny Knows Aaron Cuadra
Couldn't Make It Up Steve Lauri
Orphans Helle Hansen
It's Only Water Helle Hansen
Diamonds Michael Harmel
When It Don't Come Easy Vanessa Collier
War Be Gone Qais Khoury & KAIS
The Road Remains the Same James Kachulis & Shane Adams
Come, Carry Me Home James Kachulis and Kenni Feinberg 
Rainbows without rain Ian Lee-Bennett
Old Antoine J.W. McClure
I Didn't Come This Far (To Only Come This Far) Mark Stepakoff
I Can Be Margaret Bernstein and the Bricks Band
Texas Campfire Song (Ki Yippi Yi Yi Yay) Billy Byron & Dr. Sammy Smith
Fantastic Lucy Kalantari
It's Halloween Lucy Kalantari
Major Minor Marla Lewis
Library Book Joanie Leeds
Another Monkey´s Monkey Franz Mang
We Can All Share Lalo Crane
Curiosity Eileen Sherman & Gail C. Bluestone
Baby Sleep Yu-Chen Huang
Passion For Fashion Craig Raymo, Thommie Retter & Brandon Jarrett
The Emoji Song Ben Rauch
Leonard Cohen Mark Stepakoff
Another Monkey´s Monkey Franz Mang
The Alien Song Stephen Minotti
That’s How You Know It’s Christmas Brad Hull, Tim Gates, Matt Lopez & Dean Dillon
Jonjo Priscilla Hairston, Boots Ottstad & Lindsey Ray Bachelder
Bug Guts (Summertime Is Here) Michael Schlichting
My Christmas Wish Philip Adams
Don't React Debra Gussin & Don Grady
Keep The Dream Alive Johnny Jr.
Tear Down The Walls Todd Curry, Ahmod Goins “Mod-G” , Bryan Carter “Young Saint”, Paul J. McKeithan “PJ” & Jermaine W
Call Me Brice Djomo & VOCALIZ
Destine for FAME Quentin Primas, Cornelius Weatherspoon, of World Fusion Writers
Banm Ma Baw Murielle Augustin Philippe-Auguste
We Are Not Broken Eddie Gindi, Men In My Head, I.O.U and Andrea Martin
PairoDiceFlow - The ComeUp Kenneth Wright II, PairoDiceFlow ft. OhGinelle
Never Alone Andy Sarnoff, Demarkus Lewis & Pat Maiorino
Selfish Lachi Music
Keep On Fighting Ronyai Hawkins & Dexter Eldemire
Te perdono ( Kizomba ) Ramses escalante soberanis
Había una vez… Marcelo Eduardo de Aguiar
Un Día Perfecto Tiffany Reyes & Maqui Reyes
Si Dejo De Creer Tiffany Reyes & Maqui Reyes
Por Eso Quédate Rodney Taset
Kekere Wagner Cinelli & Urca Bossa Jazz
Lo Que Perdi Efrain José Cedeño Pérez & Darwin Larez
Nos Damos Love Daniela Bulgin
Siempre Estás Ahí  Julio Fowler, Amaury Gutierrez & Luis Enrique
Mi Amargo Placer Cristina Morrison
Clubbin Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi & Francesco Siliotto
Moderation Shameem Taheri-Lee
G.R.O.W Mike De'Cole
Sorry Charlie Emily Shlesinger
Victorious Leandro Dannug
Fingerpaint Maureen Russell
Stuck Nico Nieves
Who Let You Go Bradd Marquis Jackson
Have You Arika Kane & Louis Humphrey
You So Mean Nothing To Me Debra Gussin, Ryan Martinez & Mike Westbrock
The Mirage Jason Cullimore
The Voyage Vessel Of The Seven Lords Bill Wren
The Farm Christian Vegh
The Gift Michele McLaughlin
Waiting for news Alexander Vinitsky
Age of Eternity John Fluker
Call It Even Keita Matsuno
Leaf Dance Mark Tonelli
Bootman Badroomba Roman Miroshnichenko
Soweto Travels Wouter Kellerman, Mauritz Lotz, Ratshepe Makhene, David Klassen & Steve Marshall
M.J. Bruce Gertz
It's Already Dark in New York Don Breithaupt
Like Salt Helle Hansen
Twin Song Avi Rothbard
Overstructure Carlos Fernandez (Averhoff, Jr)
Pity Party Aubrey Logan & Lisa Cole Bass
I'm All Ears Mads Mathias Johansson
Little Miss Kryptonite Phil Danter
The Right One Justin Ray
Meatballin'  Preston Smith
Crossroads Richard Sussman
My Prayin' Knees Patrycya Hill & Greg Shields
We Still Trust Tim Maggart, Kirk Dearman & Deby Dearman
Already Here Sarah Smith & Pat Anthony
Life is a Narrow Bridge Ken Hirsch & Rosie Casey
History's Gift Mark Watson & Paul Guerin
That's What's Amazing Emma Feldman & Josh Byrd
Reappear Jude Gitamondoc & Cattski
今天的聖誕 Setmund Leung Kam Biu
Dare To Believe Ky A Baldwin
Won't Let Go Rebecca Chase
Vara Vine  Nevena Neskoska
Siempre  Jaime Wilensky
Calling Sonia Nel
Tama-Tama Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita
Walking In Twos Amanda Abizaid & Stephen Stills
Jabulani Richard Gannaway
Sarabande de Solitude Julie Slim
Another Sky Valentina Blú Lombardi
Devojačka Pesma Kristina Bijelic
Mountain Grass Xueran Chen
Rainbow Nation Wouter Kellerman, Mauritz Lotz & Diniloxolo Ndlakuse
What if I'm wrong Eric Swanson, Jonathan McClanahan & Steve Clark
Without You Mary Sarah Gross
American Blueprint Tim Maggart, Bill DiLuigi & Melissa Bolea
Cheating Myself Catie Offerman, Lacy Green and Jason Duke
If You Drink John Cirillo, Dan Reifsnyder & Sarah Spencer
2552 Miles Lonnie LeVelle & Mike Ward
Tequila'd Vanessa Selwyn & James Hoppe
Used To Be Us Catie Offerman, Jimi Bell & Bobby Campbell
Talk To Me Alessia Cohle, Adam Searan & Douglas Romanow
Drop Dead Gorgeous Day Dale Allen Pommer, Bob McCormick & Bill Flowerree
One Man's White Trash (Is Another Man's Treasure) Chloe Dolandis & Zach Ziskin
I'll Be in Tennessee Jan Buckingham, Keisten Hedden & Stacy Stone
It's Not Easy Letting Go Vehnee Saturno & Tito C. Cayamanda
T-Shirt Kyle McKearney
Family Tree
Priscilla Hairston, Boots Ottstad & Ben Burgess
If I Ever Love You Priscilla Hairston & Ashley Gorley
What A Night Natasha Duarte, Mick Malusa & Trevor Carter
Only Human Tea Petrovic, JET 440 & Jeff Dawson
Innocence John Capek & Rick Price
Crush On You Stephanie Krawiec, Michael Jerome Powell & Quentin Dennard II
Ghostships Casii Stephan
The Fight Kory Glattman & Torin Martinez
Helle Hansen  3
Priscilla Hairston   3



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