2019 Results


The results of the 24rd Annual USA Songwriting Competition are out.

The top winners (Category winners, Honorable mention winners) will be announced on 11/22/2019. So, please stay tuned. We would like thank our entrants, judges and sponsors for your support.

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Here are the finalists of the 2019 Competition: 

"Redemption" by Maria Phillipos, Besomorph, Coopex & RIELL
"Llámame" by Jason Lawlor
"Be You" by Naomi Brill & Angus Brill Reed
"Things We Never Did" by Max Henriksen & Max Ulver
"Human" by Amber Nichols, Michael Paynter & Michael Delorenzis
"Think of Me" by Dia Morgan & Griffith Frank
"Counting Sheep" by Jenny Vinatieri
"Aftershocks" by Holly Berry
"Remember Me" by Sarah Dokowicz & 8Elvn
"Out of My Mind" by Gary Lefkowith, Mike Rogers & Le Sonic

"The Last Few Weeks" by Alex Leggett
"Autumn" by Dave Nachmanoff
"Whole" by Evie Joy
"I'm Not There, Yet" by Brady Lillie
"A Couple Broken Windows" by Aaron Burdett
"Rock and Roll" by Aaron Burdett
"Going Through Something" by Justin Hooper & The Simple Parade
"Flaws" by LEW
"When I Was a Bird" by Megan Slankard
"Tell Me What A Life Is Worth" by Charles Absher

"The Life Inside Me" by David Johnson
"Sea Of Self" by Steven Slama & Trainhead
"Before It's Too Late" by Alexandra Razumova & Major Moment
"Mother Mary" by Tom Auton
"Cartilage" by Dave Padrutt & Jenna Fournier
"Queen Cobra" by Jake Floyd, The Orphan The Poet, Max Collins & Kenny Carkeet
"No Friend Of Mine" by Glenn Fogwill & Shotgun Mistress
"Birds, Bewildered" by Dan Michaels, The Choir, Steve Hindalong & Derri Daugherty
"Sometimes I Can Fly" by Otabek Salamov & Needshes
"Poster Boy" by Scott Oatley & Vân Scott

"Wild Enough" by Téodor Kulling, Elina Stridh, Andreas Moe & David Björk
"You Are My Road" by Bill Jenkins & Trystan Matthews
"Philadelphia" by Eric Colville
"12 Step Program" by Eric Colville
"Imminent Goodbye" by Helle Hansen
"Enough Light" by Michael Harmel
"Sweatin' Like A Pig, Singin' Like An Angel" by Vanessa Collier
"Michael" by Sallie Bengtson, Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson
"The Monster" by Richard Bonnin
"Worth Everything" by Colten Lyke

"Unstoppable" by Ava Anderson & Lee Anderson
"Kolku Banani (How Many Bananas?)" by Nevena Neskoska
"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" by Lucy Kalantari & Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
"2x2x2x2" by Randall Mayfield
"Stop Think Act" by Wendy K Gray & Sidewalk Stories
"Jolly Roger" by Thomas Sturm
"Is It Possible" by Donna Dyson & Spotty Kites
"Willy The Wallaby" by Terry Sorfleet
"Losing A Tooth" by Stephen Michael Schwartz
"LEGO, Let's Go!" by Nathalia Palis

"Santa & Elvis" by Mark Stepakoff
"Knee Deep" by Michael McGee & Jeff Oxford
"12 Step Program" by Eric Colville
"Ain't Never Done Nothin' Right" by Michael Goroll
"Lonely Boner Blues" by Benet Braun
"Do What You Do" by Keith Rayburn
"Tankini Summer" by Clare Cooper
"The Reefer Song" by Billy Herron
"Mary Jane's Waltz" by Mark LeGrand
"Six Cups Of Eggnog" by Larry Costa

"Brighter Day" by Daniel Laurent, D Quest & Tone Jonez
"Mr. Right Now" by Yolanda Hernandez & Rich Lowe
"Freedom" by Suzanna Lam & Urban Fu$e
"Undiagnosed" by Issa Bibbins
"Hands Up (Please Don’t Shoot)" by Issa A-H Bibbins, Turhan Dorsey, Daniel Callahan, Mekell Cartell, Sam Jones & Swade
"#MeToo" by Taija Newton
"You Gotta Chill" by Jennifer Bascon, Justaplanekid & DJ Pain 1
"Legacy" by Quantez Johnson
"Way Too Long" by Bryan Holcomb
"The Re Up" by Ethan Clemons

"Mas de una Historia" by David Acosta Garcia
"Que Sea Lo Que Sea" by Nelson M Torres
"Kizomba" by Nelson M Torres
"Suplente" by Ramses Escalante Soberanis, Efrain Cedeño & Esmeralda Cantoral
"Mujer" by Robert Armengol & Luo Jimenez
"Creyente" by Marcelo E. de Aguiar & Exequiel Sand
"Millón" by Efrain Cedeño & Ismael Andrés Fabara Bustillos
"Respiro" by Ranfis Perez
"Un secreto en erupción" by William Luque
"Bilongo" by Daniela Bulgin & Karloff Gaitan

"Complex" by Téodor Kulling, Agrin Rahmani, Elina Stridh & Nirob Islam
"Hey Stranger" by Chloe Moore
"I'm Still Holding Out For You" by Brandon Lowry
"Try Again (Dance in the Rain)" by Kevin Gregory
"Filling Illusion" by Jing Wen & Chengzhen Meng
"Cheap Lullaby" by Dia Morgan, Sammy Plotkin & Stephen Rivera
"Trapped" by Gillian Goddard
"Broken Girl" by Larry May, Hugh Colocot & Jimmy Santis
"Body For You" by Cathleen Ireland (Told Ya So!) and Dannyebtracks
"Energy Blake" by Denney

"Almost Home" by John Elliott Standefer
"Russ Knish" by Russ Locke
"When Darkness Falls" by Neil Telling
"A Forca" by Paulo Tozzi
"City to City" by Greg Utech
"Helsingin Taivas (Helsinki Sky)" by Nobuki Takamen
"Middle East Voodoo" by Tomer George Cohen
"Sketches" by Peter Xifaras
"Siren Song" by Michael Dulin
"The Girl From Eastland County" by Jim Wilson

"Southern Cross" by Andy Bianco
"The Thinking Man's Me" by Don Breithaupt
"Face Down" by Bruce Gertz
"The Sky Is The Limit" by Gernot Wolfgang
"I Cant Seem To Make Up My Mind" by Helle Hansen
"Imminent Goodbye" by Helle Hansen
"Minor Impact" by Avi Rothbard
"Laundry" by Aubrey Logan & Dave Koz
"Ragabop" by Prasanna Ramaswamy
"Anxious Moments" by Eric Walentowicz

"Shine" by Sonia T (Nianell Nel)
"The Fear" by Chase Thompson, Chloe Hendrickson & Night Argent
"Lighthouse" by Brett Gillan & Matt Houston
"A Million Colors" by John Cirillo, Tori Martin & Craig Lackey
"Silent Love" by Enrique Aguilar Jr & Noé Valenzuela
"Reach For The Sky" by Matt Adams & West of Here
"Why Won't You Love Me" by Dave Pettigrew & Scotty Wilbanks
"I Am Yours" by Sonya Watts & David Hawkins
"Raise Up" by Keith Rayburn
"Part-time Angels" by Johnsmith

"Samaya Nirantar" by Rita Sahai
"Un Deux Trois" by Tory Raymer, Laure Zaerhinger & Jason Boule
"Breathe Life" by Ricky Kej
"N'essaye Pas" by Julie Slim
"Vem" by Bruno Justi
"Te Propongo" by Keith Rayburn
"Chi Mi Bhuam" by Calum Martin
"UDo" by Tatsuya Yoshida
"Ask Dedikodusu (Love Gossip)" by Dolunay Obruk
"Heeriye meri soni lagdi, ve main vekhda rava" by Arun Aneja

"Rebel Boy & Church Girl" by Vanessa Selwyn & James Hoppe
"It's All About Showing Up" by Tarryn Aimée Smith & Steve Dean
"Watching' You Be You" by Dale Pommer, Mark Barnowski & Corey Lee Barker
"Good Things Are Comin'" by Adam Daniels (Highbarger) & Corey Lee Barker
"Watchin' Demons Scatter" by Stephen Rew & Corey Lee Barker
"We Made It" by Jeff Roe, Ryan Griffin, Jason Duke & Selby Copeland
"Bonafide" by Neal Morgan & Steven Anderson
"She Was Everything" by Matt Rogers, Greg Barnhill, Stan Karcz & Heath Deloach
"Ain't That What Living Is?" by MaryBeth Stone & Bonnie Warren
"Nothing Between Us" by Brett Gillan, Matt Houston & Jessie Smith

"Brighter Days" by Jamie Alimorad & Gino Vannelli
"Forget to Forget" by Téodor Kulling, Elias Näslin, Hayley Aitken, Anton Litens Nilsson & Sara Hjellström
"She's Called Grace" by Mats Dernánd
"Breathe In, Breathe Out" by Ken Hirsch, Michael Jay & Sydney Ranee
"Decoy" by Camner & DeMarco
"Love a Little Louder" by Kristi-Leah Bradley, Emma Lynn White & Gabriel Candiani
"Stay" by William Carpenter & Arthur Arman Andranikyan
"Ricochet" by Chantal O'Brien & Midas
"Superficial" by Samantha LaPorta, Matt Wong & Eddie Gomez
"Lying" by Max Brandenburg, Roland Spreckley & Noah Conrad


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