1.Q: I would like to submit 6 songs for the competition, 3 different songs in Pop category, 2 different songs in Folk category. How much does it cost?
   A: Since it cost US$35.00 per entry. Therefore your 6 song entries would cost US$210.00. You may put the entire amount in one check or you may enter online with your credit card. Please click here to enter >>

2.Q: When is the deadline of the competition?
   A: Entries are currently accepted at this time.  All entries must be entered by May 31, 2024 or earlier. You may enter online or via mail. Please click here to enter >>

3.Q: I am from Italy, can I join the USA Songwriting Competition?
   A: Yes, you can. This event is open to all Songwriters, bands and musicians regardless of nationality. Past winners came from all over Latin America, Europe, Canada, Africa, Asia/Pacific region.

4. Q: I only write songs in Italian, can I still enter?
    A: You can write in any language. In fact last year's World category prize winner came all the way from The Fiji Islands. The song was written in his native Fijian language. You may include English translation if applicable.

5. Q: Will I lose my rights to my songs when I enter this song contest?
    A: No, You will retain all rights to all your songs.

6. Q: I only write lyrics and do not compose music, can I enter my lyric?
    A: Yes, you may enter the the "Lyrics Only Category", by selecting the song category section of the entry form.

7. Q: I only write instrumentals, can I still enter?
    A: Yes, you may enter the the "Instrumental Category", by selecting the song category section of the entry form.

8. Q: My song is rather unusual. It is a mixture of "Shania Twain" country like sound with some Rock/Pop influence (like "Third Eye Blind"), I'm not sure which category I should enter my song. Should I enter as Pop or Rock or Country? Can I choose more than one category?
   A:  Entrants are advised to place their song in the category they feel suitable or comfortable. You may enter the same song in more than one category. However, you must submit separate CDs or cassettes, entry forms (which you may photocopy), lyric sheets and payment for each category. Each entry form you send must have only one category selected.

9. Q: I write political songs. Can I write songs about Free Israel, Free Palestine, Covid, Donald Trump, World Hunger, the Tsunami, Tea Party, Republican, or Pro-life protest songs? Also will I be disqualified if I write pro-war or anti-war songs? 
   A: You are free to write whatever you wish in your lyrics and music.



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