"This is a great place for talent to be found"...Monte Lipman, President & CEO of Universal Records

"USA Songwriting Competition is a wonderful resource for discovering exciting new talent. Thank you for having me as a judge!" ...Gabz Landman, Vice President, A&R at Warner Records

"It seems to be a competition that draws a solid talent base"...Kirk Boyer, A&R, Lyric Street Records

"A healthy and important competition, good outlet for creative people"...Andy Karp, Executive Vice-President/Head of A&R, Atlantic Records

"It is great to see that songwriters are being acknowledged"...Brian Jackson, EMI Music Publishing

"OMG, this is totally unreal!!! I have personally been entering the competition for years now, and have won honorable mention and even won the second overall prize one year, but to win the overall grand prize is just amazing. This song was written as a protest song for anyone that has had their rights stripped away.  We want it to be a universal anthem for those that feel like they have to continue to push for positive changes, for human rights, and for equality. We are both going to continue to make art that reflects the times Thank you so much for this incredible honor, we’re speechless and so very grateful!" ...Ships Have Sailed (Will Carpenter) ft. Abby Posner, Top Winner of 28th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

"It is such a great thrill to be included in the company of such fine songwriters and composers from around the world and a true honor to be recognized by this distinguished awards competition that does so much to promote the craft of songwriting" ...Lawson Rollins, winner of the 19th Annual USA Songwriting Competition, hits #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Radio chart in February 2024

“I am truly honored that my song "The Line" won the USA Songwriting Competition's Overall Grand Prize. Winning this contest is validation that good things can come from hard things and that tomorrow can be better than today. So thankful that this song resonated with the judges of the USA Songwriting Competition this year.  I hope it resonates similarly with anyone who needs a nudge to keep moving,“ ...Sav Buist, Top Winner of 27th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

"USA Songwriting Competition is fantastic morale booster, it has gotten me more attention than any other Songwriting Competition I have won!" ...Michael  R.J. Roth, First Prize winner, 27th Annual USA Songwriting Competition, Lyrics category.

"I've entered this Competition many times in the past.  You have a great competition, and I am so proud to be a part of it!" ...Michael Austin Melton, songwriter

"I’m so glad to be awarded the Grand Prize in this year’s competition. As an Honorable Mention winner last year, I see this as a testament to perseverance and dedication to my craft. My winning song describes ‘living off the highs and lows. It really means a lot to me to be validated and recognized in this way. It’s a happy byproduct of all the hard work that has brought me to this point" ...Scott Oatley, Top Winner of 26th Annual USA Songwriting Competition.

"I was so shocked that my song got selected winner of the top prize in the USA Songwriting competition, I hope I can continue to make music that you all enjoy. It’s amazing because I’ve also recently been signed to Sony Music Nashville Records!" ...Andrew Jannakos, Top Winner of 25th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

"Songwriting is sure making fun and sense of otherwise dark, and untamed feelings. "Brighter Days" is a good example off that. Thank you to Jamie Alimorad, and all those who made this possible" ...Gino Vannelli, Co-Writer, Hit Songwriter, Top Winner of 24th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

"Winning the 24th Annual USA Songwriting Competition is one of the highlights of my career. This incredible competition has featured some of the greatest up and coming talent from around the world, and it’s an absolute honor to be this year’s winner" ...Jamie Alimorad, Top Winner of 24th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

"I’m grateful my song was selected winner of the top prize in the USA Songwriting competition. This recognition inspires me to continue the work. I love the process of writing, and this will help me follow through when the next song idea pops into my head. Thanks to the judges, and thank you to everyone at the competition for supporting the art of songwriting." ..David Wilcox, Overall Grand Prize winner, 2018 USA Songwriting Competition.

"I encourage all songwriters, regardless of experience, and regardless of production to enter. To have my song's quality validated by those I respect means so much. Winning has inspired me to work even harder at my craft. Enter!! Do it!!!"..Robert Jason, winner of the Gospel/Inspirational category, 2015 USA Songwriting Competition.

"USA Songwriting Competition continues to showcase independent talent effectively and purposefully. I find very high caliber of submissions and USA Songwriting Competition is always staying ahead of the curve"...Rob Reinhart, DJ of the "Acoustic Cafe", a syndicated radio program that appears in 65 different radio stations in US and Canada. 

"We are so excited to win this competition. We entered this competition as unsigned acts, came out as top winner, signed to Island Records and we hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and went double platinum!"..Dave Rublin, Overall Grand Prize Winner of the 18th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2013), hit #1 on the Billboard Charts, certified Double Platinum, selling over 2 million copies.

"This is such an amazing experience, and a validating sensation to be recognized by the industry and my peers. I work very hard at my craft, and this just means so very much to me as both an artist and a writer. I'm still in shock and trying to wrap my head around all of this. It's so exciting!"..Jared Finck, Overall Grand Prize Winner of the 21st Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2016), his winning song has been receiving radio airplay throughout USA and Canada.

"My Name is Jennifer Adan and I used to enter this contest all the time back in the day. I am proud to say that I am now a HIT songwriter who lives in Nashville and travels back and forth to LA to write. I had a two week #1 hit with Blake Shelton "She Wouldn't Be Gone" and I just released my first childrens book. You guys were a big part of my early career!"...Jennifer Adan, Hit Songwriter with #1 Billboard Hits and BMI Award Winning Songwriter.

"This is a Great competition, I recommending it to friends, excellently organized and great communication with organizers. It is a credit to all involved!" ...Paul Kealey, 1st prize winner (Lyrics) of the 19th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2014), Ireland

"The USA Songwriting Competition has always had an eye for picking winners that go on to huge success! So winning means that you MUST be on to something! Take the prizes/money etc and use them to make more music or tour, and keep pushing forward! Winning is a sign that you aren't crazy, you are great and you deserve to keep working hard until you get where u want to be. We are beaming with pride. It's a rare treat to be recognized by peers in this industry"..Alexander Cardinale & Morgan Taylor Reid, First Prize Winner (Pop) & Overall 2nd Prize of the 16th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2011). 

"Happily stunned! We have written songs for over two decades, this is our personal victory"...Alannah Myles & Nancy Simmons, Winner of the 15th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2010). 

"Wow, I'm humbled that I was even in the same category with these distinguished songwriters, Congratulations to the top three winners"...Sherri Gough, First Prize Winner (Lyrics), 15th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

"I'm excited to see an original style of music to be accepted and loved. Popera is a style of its own"..Sarah Lonsert, Winner of the 14th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2009). 

"To win the grand prize for something that was a test of our songwriting skills is tremendous and inspiring!"...Jordan Zevon, Jordan Summers & Morty Coyle, Winners of the 13th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2008).

"To have been writing pop songs since I was 12 years old and then to actually win the Grand Prize of the USA Songwriting Competition has probably been the most validating feeling I've ever experienced working in the music business. It was almost as if every door that had been slammed in my face, every negative criticism I had to take and every rejection I had to face had suddenly vanished from my memory. And aside from all the great prizes that were delivered to my door on a given day, the icing on the cake has been the feeling that the people behind the USA Songwriting Competition are really rooting for you and wanting to help you take full advantage of all the possible opportunities there are to get your music out there. That kind of support from your fellow music industry professionals is vital in this cut throat business!"...Ari Gold, Winner of the 12th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2007). After his win in the USA Songwriting Competition, Ari's winning song went on to hit #10 on the Billboard Charts, #1 on Sirius OutQ, #1 on Logo TV, etc.

"Thank you so much for all of your help. Excellent customer service!! You have been fantastic!!!" ...Christina E. Joseph, Hollywood, CA

"It's a wonderful feeling to be recognized internationally through such a prestigious competition among other great songwriters. We look forward to even greater exposure now & thank the USA Songwriting Competition"...Mark E. Robertson Jr, Michael McDonald & Leon Jones (Ahmir), winner of 1st Prize (R&B category) of the 2007 USA Songwriting Competition

"I feel honored to win such a prestigious competition. It feels great to be acknowledged for something I am passionate about. Winning this category of the competition has inspired me to further pursue music as a career"....Monticue Connally, 1st Prize (Hip-Hop/Rap) winner in the 2006 USA Songwriting Competition.

"I'm usually a critic of music contests and much rather prefer longtime meaningful record contracts. However the USA Songwriting Competition is the one contest I think every artist should pay serious attention to"...Airomee Wind

"It is an honor to have won. Gets me in a lot of doors. You are angels! Thank you so much, this is changing the course of things in my life, and it's wonderful that you provide such a contest for hard working songwriters!!".....Steffani Bennett, 1998 USA Songwriting Competition Overall Grand Prize Winner. She also appeared on TV program "60 Minutes".

"It is rare for a songwriter to feel a true sense of accomplishment. We are always working towards the next idea, the next inspiration... and in a business where the performing artist holds the spotlight, our names are often relegated to the small print on the CD liner notes. It feels great to have my work recognized in a competition that focuses on celebrating the craft of songwriting" ....Victoria Banks, 1st Prize (Country) and Overall 2nd Prize winner in the 2006 USA Songwriting Competition.

"Winning this award feels like a giant vote of confidence. To earn the respect of esteemed industry professionals like those on the judging panel reinforces our sense of pride in what we accomplished so far and fuels our drive to keep developing our craft" ....Peter Maiatis, 1st Prize (Rock)  winner in the 2006 USA Songwriting Competition.

"I'm honoured to have won. This win has encouraged Laurence Juber (Lead guitarist of "Wings" and 2 time Grammy winner) to invite me to perform with him" ....Barry Chung , from Hong Kong, 1st Prize (Instrumental) winner in the 2006 USA Songwriting Competition.

"I am thrilled. I have a great deal of respect for the USA Songwriting Competition and consider it a great honor to win"....Kenneth Littleton Jones, 1st prize winner (Comedy) 2006 USA Songwriting Competition

"We are ecstatic to win the competition for ourselves as a group as it emphasizes once again the credibility of our work as Sister Seven and as individual songwriters in our solo efforts apart from each other. It's amazing that just after three weeks after our first time to play together again in 3 1/2 years that we are sharing this together as great songwriters" ...Patrice Pike, Wayne Sutton, Sean Phillips and Darrell Phillips. They are all from the Rock/Alternative group "Sister Seven" from Austin, TX, they won Overall Grand Prize in the 2004 USA Songwriting Competition.

"I feel absolutely fantastic! I am both delighted and honored to win the first prize in the R&B category and to have as many as 4 songs placed in the finals in such a prestigious contest as the USA Songwriting Competition - the biggest and best in the world; the one that counts! This means more to me than any of my other achievements to date and , after 11 years of hard work, I finally feel that I've been truly recognized for my efforts. There is no better competition than this to offer both amateur and professional songwriters alike a real chance of success - this could be my springboard to stardom! I urge songwriters all around the world to just give it a go - it is worth it! A massive thank you to all at the USA Songwriting Competition and your distinguished sponsors"....Charlotte Kelly,London, UK, first prize winner (R&B) of 2004 USA Songwriting Competition

"My co-writers submitted songs we had written together, and they began to win awards. So I started chipping in, and sending my share of submissions, but only after I had done some research. There are a lot of contests out there that really are a rip off, meaning that all they want to do is to make money. But there are a few contests that will help to further a career, such as the USA Songwriting Competition. They help songwriters get recognized by their peers, boosting the confidence of the songwriters who win and letting them know they are seemingly on the right track. They are great to put in a resumé. And any time a songwriter's name is in an industry magazine or press release because of something he or she accomplished, it's a good thing!"...Lorraine Ferro, two-time winner of USA Songwriting Competition (2004 USA Songwriting Competition 1st Prize co-writer winner and 2000 USA Songwriting Competition Honorable Award Winner), as quoted in a book "I Don't Need a Record Deal", written by Daylle Deanne Schwartz, distributed by Billboard Publications.

"I feel like a million bucks! Feels great to be recognized as a writer, especially for a song that I'm very proud of"...Gabriel Mann, 2003 USA Songwriting Competition Overall Grand Prize Winner.

"I am totally honored. To see whose company I was in was a humbling experience. There are pro songwriters as well as songwriters I have heard of through the indie scene"...Moe Loughran, 2003 USA Songwriting Competition 1st Prize Winner (Pop).

"I really can't thank you enough for everything. Your competition has done great things for me and my band. We really appreciate it"....Sarah Lewis, 2002 USA Songwriting Competition Overall Grand Prize Winner.

"We love your website,newsletter and all that you do for songwriters!! Thank you very much!"...Dawn Hardwick, Los Angeles,CA

"I'm overwhelmed by the amount of prizes that I've won, I'm excited and honored to be selected out of so many songs. I'm also xcited about the possibilities and doors this may open for me in the future of my musical career."....Jonathan Kingham, 2000 USA Songwriting Competition Overall Grand Prize Winner.

"I'd like to voice my personal lauds to the USA Songwriting Competition folks for offering a panoply of great opportunities to never-say-die up-and-comers such as myself, including performance opportunities at virtually all the Music Conferences i.e. SXSW, 2NMC, Folk Alliance et al, as well as monthly showcases held at great venues around the country in LA, NYC, and Atlanta - to name only a few. This is above and beyond the purview of an ordinary songwriting contest. My thanks to Eddie Phoon et al for being true supporters of independent music and damn good listeners as well."....Joel Cage, Meredith, NH (1999 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize - Folk Category, also on numerous awards and honors at various music festivals).

"It's a wonderful feeling of validation to win and to be chosen out of so many entries, especially with a song that is so close to my heart. Big thanks".......Barbara Kessler, 2001 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize (Folk).

"We are greatly honored to be the first prize winners in two categories with our song "Some Flowers", which out of all of our compositions, is our heartfelt favorite. Please extend our deepest gratitude to your panel of judges".......Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino, 2001 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize (Country & Gospel). First time that the same song won two categories.

"I am very pleased to receive such recognition. I believe any chance we have to encourage others in the creative arts should be pounced upon! It is vitally important that people have an opportunity to express themselves creatively. I wrote Sienna when I was just fourteen years old because someone encouraged me to be creative. Thanks for the opportunity"......Andy Sorenson, Australia. 2001 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize (Instrumental).

"Wow! Persistence pays off"....Billy Byron, 2001 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize (Children).

Thank you for doing a great job  and continuing to offer opportunities and potentials for Songwriters. Hope springs eternal!"......Michele Weiss, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Although my works didn't make it, I must express my congratulations to all those that did. I am happy for them and also wish to say well done and thank you, for all the time and patience you all had as a team"......Maria, UK

"An amazing feeling of satisfaction being honored with two awards. The recognition given to me by the panel of such distinction from the music industry makes me feel very proud and happy"....Dyana Dafova (Sofia, BULGARIA), 2000 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize (World Category) and Overall Third Prize Winner.

"I cannot believe I won! This is great news!"....Alex O'Brien, 2000 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize (Lyrics Category), Alex became the first non-musician to ever win first prize in the history of the competition.

"Since winning the award many good things have happened to Silje -- and are still happening. She's been signed to Universal Music and released an album this past March in Norway. So far it's been in the pop charts after entering at no. 7 -- and this is a JAZZ album! It's sold over 10,000 copies in that country alone, and now will be released in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and US Her work is also being solicited by many other singers"....Tom Garretson, Artist Manager of Sijle Nergard (Norway), winner of the 1999 Honorable Mention Award

"As a result of Aaron Tap winning the Rock/Alternative. category we have heard from over 40 different A&R reps (mostly major record labels) and almost all the major publishers!" ....Cindy Levine Management, Representative of the Aaron Tap, 1998 1st prize winner of Rock/Alternative category

"This is just amazing. It still hasn't sunk in my mind yet, that I won! Thank you!"....Trina Belamide, Philippines, 1999 Overall 2nd Prize Winner (Trina Belamide and Vehne Saturno became the first from Asia to ever win awards in the USA Songwriting Competition).

"My country (Fiji) is just a small group of islands in the Pacific with a population of only 3/4 million. Our songs are hardly exposed to an international level, being awarded overall 2nd prize is a lifetime achievement for me in my entire musical career".... Saimone Vuatalevu, Fiji, 1998 Overall 2nd Prize Winner.

"I've heard nothing but good things about your event"...Jim Attebery, CEO of Durango Songwriter's Expo

"USA Songwriting Competition has worked hard at helping independent musicians get exposure through numerous opportunities and I would love to get involved. Thanks Again"...... Melissa Gibson, Nashville, TN, USA

"I've done my homework about songwriting contests in general. For certain, yours is one of the very best and definitely worthwhile I'm sure"....Tom Guertin, Canada

"Your company offers a fantastic service for songwriters"....Steve Howard, England, UK

"I like your website--it's informative and easy to navigate"....Sherry Lea Jones, USA

"Thanks for a great site and contest"....Joe Johnson, Hanover, IN, USA

"I am familiar with the great job you guys do for the songwriter"....Patricia A. Smith, USA

"I think it's a wonderful idea to promote the contest and the artists that enter 
it"....Kurt Von Meyer, singer/songwriter, Minneapolis,MN, USA

"What you are doing for singer/songwriters (people like me) is so inspiring, thank you!" ....Lisa Szczesny, New Market, TN, USA

"Thanks for your help. You are a model, and a great example of Customer Service for your company"...Henry Flowers, USA

Achievements of Past Winners

Nenna Yvonne (2011 Top Winner) had her winning song placed on CBS's hit TV show "The Mentalist".

Christopher Tin (2010 Winner) won 2 Grammy Awards with his winning song in the same evening, most Grammy awards won by any USA Songwriting Competition entrant.

Kyler England (2009 USA Songwriting Competition 1st Prize Winner), Gabriel Mann (2003 USA Songwriting Competition Overall Grand Prize Winner) & Adrianne Gonzalez (1999 Overall Grand Prize Winner) formed a Pop group "The Rescues", were just signed to Universal Republic Records in 2009. 

Ari Gold (2007 USA Songwriting Competition Overall Grand Prize Winner) has his winning song "Where The Music Takes You" currently climbing up the Billboard Charts. It hit #10 (Billboard HOT DANCE/CLUB PLAY Charts). The song hit #1 on Sirius OutQ and #1 video on Logo TV channel.

Simon Spire (2007 USA Songwriting Competition Honorable Mention Award Winner) was signed by Sony/BMG and his album "All Or Nothing" was released in July 2008.

Kate Voegele (1st Prize winner, Pop, 2005 USA Songwriting Competition) was signed to MySpace/Interscope records in 2006. She is also currently the youngest winner of the USA Songwriting Competition and won 1st Prize at just 18 Years Old (youngest to ever win at that time).

Darrell Scott's song "Good Ol USA" (first prize winner of the country category in 2005) was released by Faith Hill's album in 2006. 

Ari Hest (2002 USA Songwriting Competition Honorable Mention winner) was signed to Columbia Records. He was featured in the March 2007 issue of the Electronic Musician magazine.

Pepper MaShay (2006 USA Songwriting Competition - Dance Category) had her song "Lost Yo Mind" hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts in December 2006.

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer won the first prize in the Children's music category of the 2005 competition for their song "Scat Like That". The album of the same name won a Grammy award in the "Best Musical Album For Children" category.

Aruna Sutra has (2004 USA Songwriting Competition 1st Prize Winner, Pop Category) hit number 1 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts. Her song "I Got Nerve," is featured on the chart-busting Hannah Montana soundtrack, which hit the number one slot in the Billboard 200 Album Charts on November 11, 2006, selling 281,000 copies at that time.

Aruna's song "Break You Open" which won first prize in the Pop category in 2004, hit the US Pop charts with a peak at #45 on the R&R® (Radio & Records) CHR/Pop Top 50 chart.  R&R, like Billboard, is a national publication which tracks and monitors the most prominent airplay nationwide (CHR stands for Contemporary Hit Radio).

Tim Matthews won an honorable mention award with "Can't Help Calling Your Name" in the 1999 USA Songwriting Competition. The same song was cut by Jason Sellers on both of his RCA/BNA albums. Besides Jason Sellers, Tim Matthews have had cuts by Neal McCoy, Marcel Chagnon, Jeannie Kendall (of The Kendalls), and Lauren Lucas.

Darryl Zerro (1999, 2000 & 2001 first Prize winner - Dance category, 1999- 1st Prize - Pop, 2000 1st Prize - Latin Category, 2000 Honorable mention award) has his winning song "Let The Joy Rise" cut by Dance diva - Abigail. It hit #1 on the Dance charts and went #9 in the Billboard Dance charts. His winning song in 2000 (First Prize - Latin category) "Chiquita Mi Senorita" was recorded by Top 10 artist - Paulina Rubio. Darryl has won a record 6 awards - five 1st prizes and one honorable mention award in a period of 3 years (1999 to 2001)

Singer-songwriter - Valerie DelaCruz (1997's first Prize winner - Country category) was signed to Relentless Nashville Records.

Steve Tanen (Overall  Grand Prize winner winner in 2001) of a duo "The Weepies" has been signed to Nettwerk Records.

Rye Randa (2000, 1st Prize winner - Pop category) winning song "Overground" was recorded big 70's number one group "Three Dog Night." The album was released in 2002.

Jonathan Kingham (2000 USA Songwriting Competition Overall Grand Prize winner) signed a development deal with Universal South Records and is currently writing and recording with some of the top writers and players in Nashville.

Adrianne Gonzalez (Overall Grand Prize winner in 1999) was signed to Wheat Recording Company/Ryko.

Lisa McCormick (1997's Overall Grand Prize Winner) was also named the top 12 independent album of the year by Performing Songwriter Magazine and also nominated in the preliminary rounds for the1998 Grammy awards nominee for record of the year and was also nominated as best new artist.