2013 Results

.:  Top Winners of Past Years

2013 - Dave Rublin, Shepherd Goodman, Aaron Accetta, James Adam Shelley, Matthew Sanchez & Zachary Barnett (of band "American Authors")

2012 - Mike Schmid

2011 - Nenna Yvonne

2010 - Alannah Myles & Nancy Simmonds

2009 - Sarah Lonsert, Jonathan George & Jami Templeton

2008 - Jordan Zevon, Jordan Summers & Morty Coyle

2007 - Ari Gold, Joe Hogue 'JOJOHO' & Sean Petersen

2006 - Vikki Simpson (of the Waifs)

2005 - Hakim Young

2004 - Patrice Pike, Wayne Sutton, Sean Phillips & Darrell Phillips

2003 - Gabriel Mann

2002 - Sarah Lewis (of Jag Star)

2001 - Steve Tannen

2000 - Jonathan Kingham

1999 - Adrianne Gonzelez

1997 - Lisa McCormick

1998 - Steffani Bennett

1996 - Jan Anderson

Youngest Winners
Molly Hunt (15 Years Old), youngest first prize winner in history, in 2011

Sarah Lonsert (17 Years Old), youngest first prize winner and also youngest Overall Grand Prize Winner in 2009

Kate Voegele (18 Years Old), won 1st Prize in 2005

2013 Results



UPDATE:  The results are out! We would like thank our entrants, judges and sponsors for your support. Also, enter the 2014 Competition click here >>

 Here are the winners: 

18th Annual USA Songwriting Competition Winners' List (2013)


2013 USA Songwriting Competition Top Winner - "Believer" By Dave Rublin, Shepherd Goodman, Aaron Accetta, James Adam Shelley, Matthew Sanchez & Zachary Barnett; New York, NY (American Authors)

“Believer” By Dave Rublin, Shepherd Goodman, Aaron Accetta, James Adam Shelley, Matthew Sanchez & Zachary Barnett (Rock Band: American Authors); New York, NY



Tony DeSare, songwriter

“Chemistry” by Tony DeSare; New York, NY



Auburn Williams, songwriter

“Rather Go Blind” by Auburn Williams & Christoper Dotson; Saint Paul, MN


Jen Chapin, Songwriter
LYRICS ONLY: “Go Away” by Jen Chapin; New York, NY

Robert Dedier, songwriter
DANCE/ELECTRONICA: “Phoenix” by Robert Dedier, Peter Natale, Andres Sierra & Ava Dedier; Toronto, CANADA

Pedro Rock, songwriter
LATIN: “Amor de fin de Semana” by Pedro Rock & Orlando Vitto; Miami Beach, FL

Badi Assad, songwriter
WORLD: “Pega no Coco” by Badi Assad; BRAZIL

J Logik, songwriter & Rap Artist
HIP-HOP/RAP: “Lost in the Moment” by J Logik; Chicago, IL
R&B: “Rather Go Blind” by Auburn Williams; Saint Paul, MN

Henry Dillard, songwriter

NOVELTY/COMEDY: “Twisted Sexual Assault” by Henry Dillard; Houston, TX


Joanie Leeds, songwriter
CHILDREN: “Family Tree (with Jonatha Brooke)” by Joanie Leeds; New York, NY
JAZZ: “Chemistry” by Tony DeSare; New York, NY

Roman Miroshnichenko, songwriter
INSTRUMENTAL: “Desperation” by Roman Miroshnichenko; Moscow, RUSSIA

Joseph Pfeifer & Jimmy Robeson, songwriters
GOSPEL/INSPIRATIONAL: “Chasing Me” by Joseph Pfeifer & Jimmy Robeson; San Diego, CA


David Francey, songwriter
FOLK: “Broken Glass” by David Francey; Ontario, CANADA

Johnny Bulford, songwriter

COUNTRY: “How Could I Not” by John Bulford; Nashville, TN
ROCK/ALTERNATIVE: “Believer” by Dave Rublin, Shepherd Goodman, Aaron Accetta, James Adam Shelley, Matthew Sanchez & Zachary Barnett; New York, NY

Nicky Barot, songwriter

POP: “Me” by Nicky Barot; Los Alamitos, CA



Public Poll Winner "Best Song on Facebook":

Trina Belamide, songwriter
"When He Comes My Way" by Trina Belamide, PHILIPPINES



“Trampoline” by Byron Kuntz; Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
“Moving Away” by Benjamin Davis, Ulf Anneken & Nitanee Paris Lawson; Burbank, CA
“Out of Sight, Out of Mind” by Helle Hansen; Copenhagen. DENAMRK
“Roman's Lullaby” by Gharah Degeddingseze; Van Nuys, CA
“We're All Going Straight To Hell” by D.B. Rielly; New York, NY
“Space Cabbage” by Perspective; Waterville, ME
“Puedo Prometerte” by Rosario; Carolina, Puerto Rico
“Hurt” by Lauren Silva; Austin, TX
“You Own The Game” by Sonic Cult; New York, NY
“Hurricane” by Philip Creamer (Dovetail); Dallas, TX
“Diamond Light” by Paul Luftenegger; Ontario, CANADA
“Mizu no Utsuwa” by Hiromi Suda; JAPAN
“Espiitu de Amor” by George Uhrich; British Columbia, CANADA
“How it Feels” by Nick Gill; Nashville, TN
“Edge Of Goodbye” by Dan Yessian & David Barrett; Farmington Hills, MI
“Soldier's Memoir” by Joe Bachman Nashville, TN
“Just Haven't Found Him Yet “ by Lauren Lucas; Nashville, TN
“All For You” by Christian Porter; Stroudsburg, PA
“Time To Shine” by Luka Mihajlovic & Mark Zubek; Ontario, CANADA
"El Alba" by Omar Sosa, Oakland, CA

The Finalists List: 

Name of Song Finalist(s)/Songwriters Name (s)
Moving Away Benjamin Davis, Ulf Anneken & Nitanee Paris Lawson
Nothing To Wear ( Mr Timothy Remix) Danielle DeLaite
Love Is Out There Kyle Jordan
I'll Be Goldilocks! Ott Lukk
Phoenix Robert Dedier, Peter Natale, Andres Sierra & Ava Dedier
Diva (Electroillusion Mix) Brian Harris
Strange Affection Abby Holden
Fade to Black Andrew Balogh
I Believe in You Dale Haldorson
Trampoline Byron Kuntz
Makin’ Her Mark Sherri Gough & Hannah McNeil
The Edge of Goodbye Geoff Hammond & Dawn Renee Hall
King of the Moon Paul Kokesh
Go Away Jen Chapin
Out of Sight, Out of Mind Helle Hansen
Metamorphosis Endless Naps (Richard Dames)
When He Comes My Way Trina Belamide
Two Yellow Roses Ed Romanoff, Crit Harmon
The Part They Don't Tell Emily Hackett
To be a Highwayman Brent Lillie & Paul W Mostyn
The Doggie Song Jenny Morgan
Family Tree Joanie Leeds (With Jonatha Brooke)
Who I Am Katie Belle Akin
Darwin The Dinosaur Lets Go To...
Everyday Science The Kerplunks
*opted out from voting *opted out from voting
Children Of The World Juliet Lyons
Roman's Lullaby Gharah Degeddingseze
Sleep Little Boy Jody Friedman & Jody Aaron
Just a Kid Mark Spiro
It's Your Bithday And You're Still Stupid Robert Lyons
Lapdog Franz Mang
Kitty Is A Cougar Now Mark Stepakoff
The Next President Robert C Reynolds & James Patrick Roche
If You Give a Man a Mower (male version) Mary Haller
Down To Earth Kate Diaz
I Love Asian Girls! Ben Rauch
Pig John McClure
We're All Going Straight To Hell D.B. Rielly
Twisted Sexual Assault Henry Dillard
Roll with the Punches Ashleigh Eymann
Lost in the Moment J Logik
Gone (Dream or Die) ViZion
Luv A Thug CA$H
Scars Teri "Lyric" Green
Space Cabbage Perspective
Burn Devon Jones
Sunny Day (Flow Zen) Robert Myers
Catalyst (featuring JL) Kyle Bent
Amor de fin de Semana Pedro Cordero
Puedo Prometerte Rosario
Viver e ser feliz Aurélie & Verioca
Ya Llego el Dia Alex Berne
Amo Eva Margolies
mas de ti Jorge Davalos Flores
A Tiempo Grettel Garibaldi
Perdoname Andres Felipe Soto Orejuela
Sobrepeso Ramses Escalante Soberanis
La Bestia Dentro Clarissa Cupero
Hurt Lauren Silva
Searching for Perfect Kyle Jordan
Flat Tire Dice
So Dangerous Ronald Donnelly (Mistaa Dee feat. Mista L)
I Cried Mariam Bibilouri
Out There Michele Vice-Maslin & Anfinn Skulevoid
Guilty as Charged Andrew Balogh
Rather Go Blind Auburn Williams & Christoper Dotson
Crazy Wilbren Gwin
Disease Kyron Leslie
Last Days of Analog Glim Dropper
Where I'm Coming From (Matthew Prodanovich, Adam Bradley, Michael Pereira, John Fengya, Mark Siford, Michael Chinen) Sub-Radio Standard
You Own The Game Sonic Cult
Steady As She Goes FARLEY
Like A President Henry Dillard
Let Down Jonathan Ferreri & Alyssa Bonagura
Believer Dave Rublin, Shepherd Goodman, Aaron Accetta, James Adam Shelley, Matthew Sanchez & Zachary Barnett (American Authors) 
Hurricane Philip Creamer (Dovetail)
History (*Removed from public voting) Matt Horne
Glass Hearts Nathaniel Porter & Parias Day
The Win Young Ford
Home Amy Allen
Redeemed Raleigh Hall & Latasha Jordan
Chasing Me Joseph Pfeifer & Jimmy Robeson
Hearts JoJo Worthington
Forgiven Duane Harlick
In God's Hands (*removed from public voting) Andy Sarnoff
Diamond Light Paul Luftenegger
No other name Oleg Cheb
A Dance With Angels ( Antoinette's Song) Rob Cariddi Songs
Italian Girl Franz Mang
Meso wó yen Sally Nyolo
Wahda (We Are All One) Christiane Karam
Katakanlah Amirah Ali
Samba-rumba Ingvi Thor Kormaksson
Pega no Coco Badi Assad
Mizu no Utsuwa Hiromi Suda
Kuimba Richard Gannaway
Foi Assim Augusto Madureira
There Should Be Cake Helle Hansen & Saara Markkanen
Steam Jamie Ousley
El Alba Omar Sosa
Wonder Boy Don Breithaupt & Jeff Breithaupt
Chemistry Tony DeSare
Ups and Downs Rodrigo Bonelli
Boston Subway Akihiro Yoshimoto
Falling Star Monika Hoffman
Take Your Hand Yuko Yamamura
Alive Sawako Hyodo
Dance and Love waltz Eduardo de la Iglesia
Awakening Amelia Coffey
The Sparrow And The Hawk Jason Cullimore
Dogs In Paradise Charlie Hill
My Guiding Light (Barb) Danny Wright
Espiitu de Amor George Uhrich
Blessing John Leavitt
Flicker of the Glistening Steven Chesne
Old House Robert Lamson
Desperation Roman Miroshnichenko
You Should Have Seen Us Mikael Saari
Bayview Massacre Paddy Mills
Next to You Reed Waddle
Broken Glass David Francey
Two Yellow Roses Ed Romanoff, Crit Harmon
Mary Glen Hornblast
Use Your Voice Jonas Friddle and The Majority
Let it Show Jen Chapin
Edge Of Goodbye Dan Yessian & David Barrett
How it Feels Nick Gill
Sunday Will Come Kayliann Lowe, Doug Lowe & Pete Sallis
Soldier's Memoir Joe Bachman
Damn Your Kisses Lonnie LeVelle, Cain Hall & Danielle Ruhl
Love Pain Catie Offerman, B. Kirsch, L. Carpenter
If You Were Mine Daisy Mallory, Troy Johnson & Jack Williams
Just Haven't Found Him Yet Lauren Lucas
Not Ready To Lose Dianna Corcoran & Gary Burr
How Could I Not John Bulford
Hit The Hay Natalie Howard & Brian Dean Maher
If I Have To Explain Mary Danna, Mark Thalacker & Alan Holmstrom
Finally Here Justin Froese & Nancy Montgomery
All For You Christian Porter
Me Nicky Barot
The Party's Over Lara Johnston
Stay In Touch David Blair
Parachute Caroline Brooks, Christopher Lee & Jeremy Silver
W.O.W. Dezi Paige & Timothy Bloom
Dreaming Tim Mathews & Kevin Daniel, Nathan Meckel
Time To Shine Luka Mihajlovic & Mark Zubek
Different Will Hopkins & Ellen Britton


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