2016 Results


The results of the 21st Annual USA Songwriting Competiton is out! Here are the list of winners.

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"Criminal" by Jerad Finck, David Hodges & Steven Solomon; Spokane, WA
"That Thing" by Tim Gates, Brad Hull & Will Nance; Nashville, TN
"Fight to Death" by Jesse Blaze Snider & Freddy Scott; Los Angeles, CA
"On the Line" by Cam Nacson & MOZA; Sydney, AUSTRALIA
"Something Left to Say" by Jared Rabin; Chicago, IL
"Let It Go" by Trev Lukather; Los Angeles, CA
"Not Ready" by Frank Raknes Schonberg; Vaksdal, NORWAY
"Live in Colour!" by Marlowe Stone; Toronto, CANADA
"Fight to Death" by Jesse Blaze Snider & Freddy Scott; Los Angeles, CA
"Sweatin' (ft. Famous)" by Pinnacle TheHustler; Cincinnati, OH
"Fragil" by Paulina Aguirre & Mario Domm; Los Angeles, CA
"Great Pretender" by Tiffany Smith; New York, NY
"Piano Escapade" by Brian Kelly; Oakland, CA
"Nocturnal" by Lisa Hilton; Malibu, CA
"Horses in Heaven" by Terry Fator; Las Vegas, NV
"Felina" by Benjamin Furman; New York, NY
"That Thing" by Tim Gates, Brad Hull & Will Nance; Nashville, TN
"Criminal" by Jerad Finck, David Hodges & Steven Solomon; Spokane, WA
"Where Do the Angels Go?" by Ruth Rugoff, Daniel Jackson, Jake Hertzog & Mitchell Kaneff; New York, NY
"Say you love me" by Jovan Jovanov; Toronto, CANADA
"Above Water" by Kerry a.k.a Floyd Jacobson; Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
"Ache for Sunrise" by Emily Desmond; Lowell, MA
"Diamond" by Lily Mae & Chloe; Buckingham, PA
"Wildfire" by Ryland Steen; Orange, CA
"Superhero" by Chase K; Los Angeles, CA
"If I Were…" by    Sylvie Simhon; Los Angeles, CA
"I Keep Christmas In My Pocket" by Gail C Bluestone & Eileen Bluestone; Los Angeles, CA
"Dreams" by Jaron Natoli; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
"Volverte a Sentir" by Marcos Golergant; Lima, PERU
"Hey Baby" by Nicole “COLE” Cioppa, Anthony Cioppa & Robert Cutarella
"Finding You" by Lynn Evers; Spokane, WA
"Are You On My Side" by    Helle Hansen; Copenhagen, DENMARK
"Choirs of Angels" by Tom Nichols & Dan Chadburn; Falls Church, VA
"Ho Jamalo" by Chris McKhool; Toronto, CANADA
"Shotgun" by Riley Bria, Drew Ramsay, Matt McVaney & Danny Rader; Nashville, TN
"Leave A Light On" by Casey May, Ryan Roberts & Darryl Landry, Halifax, CANADA
"Make Something Great" by Makayla Colonello & Mark Cawley; Nashville, TN
"I Will Follow You (Reprise)" by Brandon Zahursky, Boots Ottestad & RIVVRS; Los Angeles, CA


Here are the finalists of the 2016 Competition: 

Name of Song Songwriters Name (s)
Bullet Jesse Blaze Snider, Kimberly Cole & Jeanyves Ducornet
Love Again Dana Lowrey
Into the Fog Robert Myers, Flow Zen & Corin Lee
Elevated Jerome Clayton
Don't Manipulate Brandon Lowry, Sterling Fox, Almond, Matt Hartke & Jack Kennedy
Say you love me Jovan Jovanov
Be Real With You  Berthena Burks
Who's To Blame Anna G Johnson
Above Water Kerry a.k.a Floyd Jacobson
On the Line (Debut Single) - MOZA Cam Nacson
In the Time We Have Noam Weinstein
Homemade and Handed Down Roger Tomhave
Safe Haven Peco Mc Loughlin
Mine Jason Matkin
Something Left to Say Jared Rabin
Hook and Harness Jonas Friddle
Ache for Sunrise Emily Desmond
A Place to Call Home Chris McKhool & Kevin Laliberte
Diamond Lily Mae & Chloe
Need A Break Port Cities & David Myles
Promised Land Jesse Blaze Snider & Freddy Scott
Writing on the Wall Skyler
Someday Soon Joe Marson
Bad Karma Matthew Como & Andrew Como
Couldn't Make It Up Steve Lauri
Where Do the Angels Go? Ruth Rugoff, Daniel Jackson, Jake Hertzog & Mitchell Kaneff
Ready to Begin Tony Von Pervieux, Brandon Zahursky, Andrew Macken, Thomas, Macken/RIVVRS 
A Good Day To Be Alive Dustin Paul, David Veslocki, Jake Antelis & Ben Antelis
Let It Go Trev Lukather
Wildfire Ryland Steen
Untouchable Port Cities & Mo Kenney
Superhero Chase K
Not Ready Frank Raknes Schonberg
Godforsaken Town Michael Harmel
Best Actor Debra Gussin
Don't Wait For The World Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino
Bye Bye Butterfly (Good Grief) Stevey-Wonderful Legters
Time's Up, Lazarus Helle Hansen
Hoof In Hand Helle Hansen & Maja Emilie Paasgaard Hansen
Minnesota Katie Stump
I Blame Your Eyes Ivan Petrov
Philadelphia Eric Colville
If I Were… Sylvie Simhon
Lucky Little Sparrow Marla Lewis
THE TEXAS CAMPFIRE SONG (Ki-Yippi-Yi-Yi-Yay) Billy Byron
I Like to sing a Happy Song Jane Ralston Pahr & Pat Luboff
Reading Is Magic Kyler England
Buckle Up Those Seatbelts (The Safety Song) Joni Klein-Higger
The Ringmaster David Snow
Live in Colour! Marlowe Stone
Show Your Glow Marlowe Stone
The Mixed Up Farm Adam Stengel
Fight to Death Jesse Blaze Snider & Freddy Scott

THE TEXAS CAMPFIRE SONG (Ki-Yippi-Yi-Yi-Yay) Billy Byron
There was Velvet on her Laptop Hertzel C Gerstein
My New Bottom Line Lisa Redfern
The Trump Song Tony King
Celebrate This Day Franz Mang
I Keep Christmas In My Pocket Gail C Bluestone
Christmas In Las Vegas Terry Fator
Hey Producer! Danny Davies
Sleepin' On The Sofa Mark Stepakoff
Soul Warriorz, featuring The ReMinders Bishop Hall
Jazzin' the Ghetto Andrew Gallego & The Valley Freestylers
Runaway Nicole Cioppa
Dreams Jaron Natoli
Fame Quentin Primas
Barriers Adrian Boeckeler
This Can't Be Life Tyrone Stroble
Sweatin' (ft. Famous)  Pinnacle TheHustler
The Life That We Know Amy Douglass
Soul Warriorz f/ The ReMinders Bishop Hall
Pero Yo IndiviDúo
Hoy No te Tengo Mauricio Bernal
La Tumba De Tu Alma Jose Miguel Diaz Cabrera
Estoy enamorado Ramses Escalante Soberanis
Sortilegio Alejandra Jimenez
Princesa Baronesa Cristina Morrison
Fragil Paulina Aguirre & Mario Domm
Que Soy Sin Ti Antonio Honor
Volverte a Sentir Marcos Golergant
Respira Marcos Golergant
HEY BABY Nicole Cioppa, Anthony Cioppa & Robert Cutarella
New Orleans Sophie Clark
Do Right By You Woody Russell
Waiting Arika Kane
Got My Eyes On You Magnolia Ocampo & Gary Foote
The Cost Of Living With You Reeny Smith & Ari Rhodes
Great Pretender Tiffany Smith
Beautiful (feat. Guille Lamont) Cody Morgan & Gullie Lamont
Love Will Do Trina Hamlin, C.Kreuzer, O.Schmitt, C. Becker, W. Martin
Necessary Groove Katherine Farnham
Grateful Andrea Marr & Markia 
Dawn At The Lighthouse Juan Francisco Tortosa Esteve
Como en la Tierra y el Cielo Ana Sofia Sandoval
Nantes Duane Andrews
Little Star Fiona Joy Hawkins
01 Grain Of Sand (Grao De Areia) Bill McBirnie
Enchanted Kingdom Bill Wren
Finding You Lynn Evers
Piano Escapade Brian Kelly
Departido Pablo Ablanedo
Everything Changes Lynn Patrick
Where You Are Ken Hirsch & Rosie Casey
The Rules of the Game Don and Jeff Breithaupt
Yugoslavian Railroad Song Gernot Wolfgang
The Reach Bruce Gertz
Mercy Leni Stern
South Bound Jun Furuya
Are You On My Side Helle Hansen
Song for Bheki  Andrew Lilley
Nocturnal Lisa Hilton
Steal My Heart Michael Praed
The Memories of God Peter Unger
Loved Ones Talifilemu Lilo
Here I Am Frederick Dendy
Horses in Heaven Terry Fator
Daughter of God Katie Miner Eckardt
The Memories of God Peter Unger
Billboard Kevin Fowler
Sacrifice of Praise Glyne Griffith
Choirs of Angels Tom Nichols & Dan Chadburn
Uncommon Clay Wayne Miller
Mother's prayer Tim Gates, Crosby & Deere
Felina Benjamin Furman
Tiempos Jaime Wilensky
Nagi Hiromi Suda
Isabel Bill McBirnie
Celebrate This Day Franz Mang
We're Coming Home Aaron Kaplan
Hey Day Anouschka Pearlman
SAC XUAN NUI RUNG (Hoai An) - New Sun Hoai An Vo Dai
Ho Jamalo Chris McKhool & Anwar Khurshid
Today In Paradise Bill Wren
Shotgun Riley Bria, Drew Ramsay, Matt McVaney & Danny Rader
That's Enough Chrissy Albice & Jake Torrey
She's Getting Stronger Seleen McAlister, Drew McAlister & Allan Caswell
Heros Terry Fator & Pete Mitchell
That Thing Tim Gates, Brad Hull & Will Nance
Perfect Dream Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino
Name On Him Joachim Nordensson & Jenny Swoish
In the Country Matthew Owens & Sharon Owens
Broken Arrow Michael McGee & Jeff Oxford
Sirens Joe Banua & Rachel Banua
Leave A Light On Casey May, Ryan Roberts & Darryl Landry
California Blues Gabe Lopez & Belinda Carlisle
Criminal  Jerad Finck, David Hodges & Steven Solomon
Blood in the water Jerad Finck, Britton Cameron & Nathen Meckel
What a Night Natasha Duarte, Trevor Carter, Mick Malusa
La La La Nicole Cioppa, Anthony Cioppa & Robert Cutarella
Cause I'm Up Matthew Como & Andrew Como
Make Something Great Makayla Colonello & Mark Cawley
I Will Follow You (Reprise) Tony Von Pervieux, Brandon Zahursky, Boots Ottestad/RIVVRS
2:00 AM Liron Menahem & Jovan Jovanov 
Hey Hey Trina Hamlin, C.Kreuzer, O.Schmitt & C.Becker
Thank You For Breaking My Heart Alexz Johnson & Bleu McAuley

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