2018 Results


The results of the 23rd Annual USA Songwriting Competition are out! We would like thank our entrants, judges and  sponsors for your support. The top winners will be out on 11/21/2018. Please stay tuned.

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Here are the finalists of the 2018 Competition: 

Name of Song                              
Songwriters Name (s)                                 
How Does It Feel Shay Esposito, Trey Mills & Chris Daellenbach
Freeze Nevena Neskoska 
24/7 Jonathan Bluth, Simon Jacobsson & Erik Johansson
Break A Bottle Lexxi Saal 
Flirt Joy Kate Lawson, Harrison Boyd & Charles Harke 
Blind to You  Catherine Duc, Benjamin Hobbs & Robert Wilcox
XYLO - L.A. Love Song (Catherine Duc OD Remix) Catherine Duc & XYLO (Chase Duddy, Paige Duddy) & Lee Newell
Book of Dreams Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino
Never Alone Andy Sarnoff, Demarkus Lewis & Pat Maiorino
Start With Your Sock Drawer Joe Topping 
The View From the Edge David Wilcox & Gizz da Baboo 
We Make the Way By Walking David Wilcox & Gizz da Baboo 
Scars Michelle Lewis 
Stained Glass Kris Angelis & Garrison Starr
We're Not Ordinary Lewis Loh 
Late 70s Ford Megan Bee 
Tomorrow Rachael Sage 
Windfall Fruit Joe Topping 
Evangeline Jeremy Dion 
Never Bend Casey Truman & Halfway Hero
What Are We Matthew Prodanovich & Sub-Radio
Stolen Lives Samuel Fishman, Ryan Acquaotta, Kurt Wubbenhorst, Christine Nevill, BCA Chamber Choir
Running Away Jared Salte,  Bethany Salte & The Royal Foundry
Hold Me Up Johan Sjoberg & Stonesilk
American Miracle Parker Ainsworth 
Circus of the Soul Tom Murphy & Men and Whales
Better Be A God Lon Van Eaton 
Let's Just Dance William Carpenter, Robert Gillies & Art Andranikyan (Ships Have Sailed) 
Time to See Otabek Salamov & Needshes
Circle Round The Sun J.W. McClure 
Bye Bye Butterfly (Good Grief) Stevey-Wonderful Legters & Daryl S Dudley I
And Time Stands Still  Helle Hansen 
Let Me Rewind Helle Hansen 
Breathe Again Michael Harmel 
I Can’t Unlove You Susan Muranty 
I Bless The Poverty Jayne Olderman & James Donte Harris 
Reassure Me Katrina Bishop 
Funeral Jay Stolar 
Circus of the Soul Tom Murphy & Men and Whales
One Cupcake Away Bill Jenkins 
One Family Vered Benhorin 
My Mommy Is a Mummy Lucy Kalantari 
A Raindrop for Me Steve Weeks 
Perfect Combination Marla Lewis & Dave Kinnoin
Jacques Cousteau Marla Lewis & Les Julian
Little Bit Tough Vered Benhorin 
Signs of Spring Tanya Leah 
Waiting For The Sun Alan Jarvis 
Complicated Ciara McNally 
BFF (Best Friends Forever) Amy Elkins & Lila Knight
Faking America Great James E Shaw
Throw The Dice Franz Mang 
I Can Feel Phil Collins In The Air Tonight Ben Rauch
The Sausage Factory Mark Stepakoff 
Prenup D.B. Rielly 
You Oughta Get That Looked At Adam Steinberg & Lawrence Goldberg 
Totally Average Woman Carla Ulbrich, Joe Giacoio & Steve Goodie
Scanning Eyes Hertzel Gerstein 
All the Creeping Things Justin Seagrave 
It's The Little Things Katrina Bishop 
Mic Check Dustin Jake 
Never Alone Andy Sarnoff, Demarkus Lewis & Pat Maiorino
Still Standin' Andrew Gallego & The Valley Freestylers 
Get Up 9 Heather Holley, TATE & Stefan Bredereck
Downlow Len Dominelli, Miku,  Dom & Q
Get Along Robert Ercole (aka Rob Daniels)
Magnum Opus Benjamin Celletti & B-Celebrity
Good Day Katie Kiewit & Speaks Dapallo
Do You Know? (feat Khadijah Jackson) Shaquille Edwards, feat Khadijah Jackson
Una y Otra Vez Daniel Patiño 
Dame Más De Ti Scott Greer, André Zuniga, Richard Schultzberg & Luis Carlos de la Lombana
No Se De Ti Ramses Escala 
Un Poco De Nuestro Amor Efrain Cedeño 
Que Siga La Gozadera Manuel Carro 
Samba Pra Mi Mauricio Zottarelli 
No No No No (No Puede Tocar Mi Vida) Benjamin DeSoto Mayor 
Naciendo Voy Roni Kripper, & Marcelo Pardo Band: Club Nomade
No Me Interesa Nea Agostini, Ale Agostini & Ximena Muñoz 
Saltar Laura Torres, Mateo Paris & Oh'Laville 
You Could Have Told Me Maxine Davis 
Half a Man [feat. Paul Creighton + David Torn] Kit Taylor 
The Hollow Ashley Fulton 
City Got Your Name On It Olivia Foa'i 
Man 4 Me
Michael McDaniel & Mike DeCole
Roll Around Diona Devincenzi 
Forever Love Michael Gertschen, Trevion Tempo Stokes II and Claudio Pagelli
Fifth Dimension Brittany Tydlacka & Kevin Tydlacka
More Than I Knew Samantha Nelson, Thaddeus Dixon & Jeremy Gritter
Psycho Cybele Fasquelle 
Candles in The Dark Jonathan Jensen
Open Road Mauricio Zottarelli 
Jingado Paulo Tozzi 
Old Friend Bill Wren 
3rd movement "Elevated" Henrik Andersen 
Spring in Lviv Kay-Ta Matsuno 
SUSPICACIA Diego Alejandro 
Love's Last Dance Neil Telling 
Birth of Shakyamuni Meg Okura 
Becoming Judah Earl 
Songs for Swingin' Lovers Don Breithaupt & Jeff Breithaupt
On the Edge Gernot Wolfgang
Cha Cha du Nord Omar Sosa
For John Jack Perricone
True Colors Bruce Gertz 
Vacation Helle Hansen 
Lost and Found Alex Frank & Spencer Day
Ascension Roman Miroshnichenko 
What We Do Steve Herberman & Lena Seikaly
Step Right Up! David Laborier 
Madness Of Nero Brownman Ali 
Covered Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer 
The Other Side Matt Adams & West of Here
Everyone's Got Some Skin in This Game Buddy Guido & Paul Kelly
People Need To Know Jacques Gentil 
When You Think No One Loves You David Leask & Daryl Burgess 
This Is Not Goodbye Philip Adams 
Come Sit By My Fire Letitia VanSant 
Rescue Matt Adams & West of Here
Good Hands Andrew Tierney, (FINDING FAITH) - Tierney, Dunfield & Ussher
Listen With Your Heart   Amanda Hagel 
無故事的人 ( Blank Diary ) Cheuk Ting Tong 
Spell Leni Stern 
Brother Minola Anthea Szikszai & R.U.A. 
Hot Sand Franz Mang 
E Agora Débora Watts  
Invocation to the infinite (Kikuyu) Steven Chesne 
So' Emigrant' Carmen Marsico & Bjorn Wennas
Ngizohamba Suzanne Dean 
Aime-moi comme je t'aime Adriana Venera Hippert 
Notre Vie Comme un Western David Lewis 
The Mystery Simone Lazer & Sherri Gough
Where I Thought I’d Be Hailey Steele & Jay Clementi 
Put Up A Fight Kyle Gaston, Kyle Gaston, Kent Bell, Lauren Hall, Brennin Hunt & Josh Roberts & Breaking Southwest 
Change Tedd Swormstedt & Jeffrey East
Over The Moon Nicky Kerr & Alayna Carroll
Cold Hard Cash Sam Hatmaker, Evan Coffman, Greylan James, Summer Overstreet
Priority Julia Cole & Sam Ellis
Love My Mess Kristin Demlow, Kayleigh Demlow, Kristen Parisi & David Reuter
Goodbye Never Felt So Good Spencer Kelly & Stacy Hogan
Crazy With You Andrew Rollins, Eve Nelson & Vanessa Oliverez
Doesn't Matter Megan Davies, Karen Kosowski, & Bonnie Baker
Center Me Carly and Martina Spiro, Daniel Ross & Marty Dodson
Smart Girl Claire Bufalino, Leslie Rich & Alan Rich
Christian Rougeau & Song by Juice: Ben Stevens, Kamau Burton, Christian Rougeau, Michael Ricciardulli, Chris Vu, Miles C
Seasons Amber “JadaPen” Irabor, Donald “Drathoven”Atkins & Terran “Luh Kel” Coleman 
All We Have Jared Salte, Bethany Salte & Samuel Hanson
Heavy Chris Ayer, Jessica Vaughn & Keith Varon 
Polaroid Kate Plaisted, Matt Bronleewe & Kayliann Lowe
Seatbelt Samantha Nelson, Megan Hatfield, Adam Tressler, Matt Bang, Stephanie Schwartz
Tension Carla Cappa & Alex Smith
MOST SONGS IN FINALS               
NUMBER OF SONGS IN FINALS                    
Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino 3
Helle Hansen  3



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