2015 Results


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“Are You Ready (On Your Own)” by Ami Kozak, Dov Rosenblatt & Duvid Swirsky (Distant Cousins); Los Angeles, CA




“Bigger (Feat. Akon)” by  Steven Cooper & Akon; Paris, FRANCE




“It's There” by Arika Kane, Brian McKnight, Louis Humphrey & Jasmon C Joyner; Stratford, CT





“I Faked It” by Mo Kenney, Gordie Sampson, Joel Plaskett & Willie Stratton; CANADA



“Animal Again” by Lindsay Mac; Boston, MA



“Treasure Map” by Katie Stump & Jason Afable; Los Angeles, CA



“Bigger (Feat. Akon)” by Steven Cooper; Paris, FRANCE



“Catch a little buzz” by Henry Jack Williams, James Dean Hicks & Troy Johnson; Nashville, TN



“Gnate Yone (How Many Times)” by Leni Stern; New York, NY



“Como si fuera la primera vez” by Juan Camilo Borja; Valle del Cauca, COLOMBIA



“If Hef Goes To Heaven” by Regie Hamm; Nashville, TN



“The Balloon Song” by Dave Padrutt; USA



“It's There” by Arika Kane & Brian McKinight; Stratford, CT



“Traveler” by Lawson Rollins; San Francisco, CA



“Promised Land” by Charlie Wood; Bedford, UK



“The Road Less Traveled” by Robert Jason & J Carter; Nashville, TN



“Don’t Let It Fall Through” by William Nutter; Puyallup, WA



“Are You Ready (On Your Own)” by Ami Kozak, Dov Rosenblatt & Duvid Swirsky (Distant Cousins); Los Angeles, CA




“The Clover Fields” by Jaron Natoli; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

“Halfway Out Of Love” by Jordan Higgins, Griffith Frank, Rayvon Owen & Samuel Plotkin; Los Angeles, CA

“Naked In the Night” by Christian Van Ham & A Rose Jackson; Bedford, NH

“Time Machine” by Leah Speckhard; New York, NY

“Supernova” by Jasmine Crowe; West Point, CA

“Right Where You Are” by Sean Verchick, Josiah Rosen & Sour Blossom; Los Angeles, CA

“Whatever Makes You Smile” by Marty Brown & Joel Brentlinger; Franklin, KY

“Looking For Rainbow” by Hiroyuki Kasori; Tokyo, JAPAN

“Somebody's Hero” by Monty Harper; Stillwater, OK

“My Mother Hates My Boyfriend” by Victoria Quartararo; Wyckoff, NJ

“Black & White” by Mariam Bibilouri; New York, NY

“11,000 Miles” by Michele McLaughlin; Salt Lake City, UT

“13th of March” by Helle Hansen; DENMARK

“All The Little Things” by Kaitlyn Jackson & Joe Sins; Norwich, NY

“Something More” by Jacob Hope; Leesburg, VA

“Bones Live Forever” by Megan Slankard, Danny Blau & Kyle Caprista; San Francisco, CA

“Graveyard” by Casey Weston & Courtney Cole; Naples, FL

“They All Fall Down (The Barn Song)” by Tyler Barham; Nashville, TN

“Gravity (Move Mountains, Turn Rivers Around)” by Mary Fahl; Easton, PA

“Tu Querer” by Santiago Vidal; Los Angeles, CA



Here are the finalists of the 2015 Competition: 

Name of Song Songwriters Name (s)
Body Language  Janet Pelliccio
Out of Control  Stephanie Krawiec
Fly Michael Musibay
Hands Up  David DiVincenzo & DiVo TwiNs
Magic  Ksenia Orlova, Marlon Saunders & Lenny Diaz
Naked In the Night  Christian Van Ham & A Rose Jackson
Animal Again  Lindsay Mac
Time Machine Leah Speckhard
Worlds Which Break Us (Intro Mix) Geert Huinink, Kim Kiona, Juraj Klicka, & Miikka Leinonen (Team Abora)
Sugar Rush Debra Gussin, Ryan Martinez, Mike Westbrock
 My First Time  Auburn Williams & Samantha Nicole
 Who We Are (Wordsmith)  Anthony Parker & Chris Cape
 Never Surrender  Tony Eady & Dark Chocolate
 Runaway  Nicole Cioppa, Anthony Cioppa & Robert Cutarella
 After Ever After II  Matt Chua
Under My Skin Jenny Vinatieri
The Clover Fields  Jaron Natoli
First Song JooWan Kim
Gone Missing Ave Perry
Bigger Steven Cooper
Lucky  Shani Ormiston
Supernova  Jasmine Crowe
Stripper With Sciatica  Ben Rauch & Gaby Gold
Sleep in Peace Sherwin Kaufman
Make It Up To You Frank R Schonberg
Turn The Page Nitanee Paris Lawson
Turner Helle Hansen
Stand and Fall (Part 1) Michael Harmel
A Change has Come Phyllis Divens
Treasure Map Katie Rose Stump  & Jason Afable
 What Else But Love  Don Breithaupt & Laura Robinson
 As Good As It Gets  Lonnie LeVelle, Bill Diluigi & Robert Deitch
 This Side of Town  Daisy Mallory, Troy Johnson
 Dark Haired Girls  Caleb Paul & The Gillis Silo
 Echo  Maddie Wilson, Brooke Elizabeth Malouf, William King, Dakota Jay
 Catch a little buzz  Henry Jack Williams, James Dean Hicks & Troy Johnson
 Waking Up  Casey Weston & Jessica Roadcap
 Nowhere With You  SaraBeth Swagerty, Dean Sams & Ashlee Hewitt Whitley
 Right Where You Are  Sean Verchick, Josiah Rosen & Sour Blossom
 Whatever Makes You Smile  Marty Brown & Joel Brentlinger
 Gnate Yone (How Many Times)  Leni Stern
 Glorious Celebration of Heaven & Earth  Tony Chen
 Devipravaha (Goddess River)  Christopher Tin
 Danger (You Better Run And Hide)  Stonewall Towery
 A Chama Verde  John Finbury
 Looking For Rainbow  Hiroyuki Kasori
 意想不到 (Yi Xiang Bu Dao)  Max Chang
 Nothin' Civil  Aubryn Stevens
 Sciure d'arance  Carmen Marsico
 Ujima  The Kwanzaa Project
 I Faked It  Mo Kenney
 They All Fall Down (The Barn Song)  Tyler Barham
 Fall Away  Ben Sures
 Future History  Darrelle London & Emma-Lee
 The Time Is Now  Big Little Lions
 Do You See Me (MInds Eye)  Sarah Nagourney, Alec Chambers, Espe, Ciambriello
 Mystery  Michael Longenecker
 Your Story Ami Kozak, Dov Rosenblatt & Duvid Swirsky (Distant Cousins)
 Dawning of the Day  Mary Fahl
 Gravity (Move Mountains, Turn Rivers Around)  Mary Fahl
 Llegar a Nueva York Bendito Parche (Luis Felipe Valencia, Santiago Mejia, Federico Gonzalez, Juan Pablo Sagal and Alejandro Calderon) 
 Tu Querer  Santiago Vidal
 Cada Lagrima  Luz Cristina Martell Bustamante
 Barcelona Express  Lawson Rollins
 Para Volar  Fabrizio Vasquez
 Como si fuera la primera vez  Juan Camilo Borja
 Caos es vida  Daniel Diaz de Lodron
 Aire  Jose Hernandez
 Soy  Jocelyn Melnikov
 Un Fosforo  Eljuri
 My Mother Hates My Boyfriend  Victoria Quartararo
 The Bear  John McClure
 The Black People Song   Zachary Esters (Z-FLO) 
 Excuse Me For Living  Mark Stepakoff
 Strip Club Christmas Eve  Drew Jacobs
 Profile on the Net  Hertzel Gerstein
 If Hef Goes To Heaven  Regie Hamm
 Joe's Ex-Girlfriends  Carla Ulbrich
 Pirates Of Our Souls  Franz Mang
 She Looked Kinda Funny  Flattened Squirrels
 Attitude of Grattitude  The Swinging Belles
 The Balloon Song  Dave Padrutt
 My Fairy  Kyler England
 I Walk Like This  Greg Klyma
 If You Ever Think of Me  Victoria Quartararo
 The Captain's Zoo  Bobby Doowah
 Somebody's Hero  Monty Harper
 Make the World Work Better  Peter Maggitti
 School's Out!  Marla Lewis
 Hey Elise  Johnny Apple
 Touch of a Woman's Hand  John Capek & Rick Price
 Skippin  Gabriele Saro
 Please  Norma Handayani
 Do It All Again  David Myles & Dylan Guthro
 Showdown   Tiff Gains
 Intellectual Love  Jeomre Clayton
 Mistake  Adam Johnson
 It's There  Arika Kane & Brian McKinight
 Black & White  Mariam Bibilouri
 Victoria's Secret  Jay R&B/POP McNeil
 Bartlett and Frisell  Duane Andrews
 Winter Solstice Between Heaven And Earth  Bill Wren
 Willow Waltz  Kathryn Kaye
 Ceremony  Fiona Hawkins
 Hope  Gina Fant-Saez
 11,000 Miles  Michele McLaughlin
 Traveler  Lawson Rollins
 Brooklyn Days  Evelyne Datl
 Escaping Shadows  Chris Bolint
 Maisha PolePole  Mushagalusa Charmant
 Poca's Song  Sal Crocker
 Sad Meeting  Omar Sosa
 Cirrus Skies  Andy Bianco
 Really Wild  Ingvi Thor Kormaksson
 13th of March  Helle Hansen
 Paco  Oscar Penas
 Maya's Waltz  Avi Rothbard
 Masamune  Akihiro Nishiguchi
 It Doesnt Get Any Better Than This  Jack Perricone
 Promised Land  Charlie Wood
 I Believe In Love  Raleigh Hall
 Blessed  Rich Thomas
 Pool of Bethesda  JoJo Worthington
 You Opened My Eyes  Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino
 Be Still  Allison Gilliam
 The Road Less Traveled  Robert Jason & J Carter
 All The Little Things  Kaitlyn Jackson & Joe Sins
 The Plans I have for you  DeDe Wedekind
 Overflow  John Newsome
The Same Sky  Gino Torres
 Cardboard Skies  Jean Greeff
 One For The Books  Molly Thomason
 Find A Way  Jonathan Ferreri & Jon Hartman
 Right Here With Me  Matt Adams & West of Here
 Don’t Let It Fall Through  William Nutter
 Undone  William Nutter
 Something More  Jacob Hope
 Bones Live Forever  Megan Slankard, Danny Blau & Kyle Caprista
 Snakes & Ladders  James Keen, Alex Ho & Brian McCook
 Sound and Silence   Jack Underkofler
 Halfway Out Of Love  Jordan Higgins, Griffith Frank, Rayvon Owen & Samuel Plotkin
 Punch Me in the Heart  Natasha Duarte
 Loved By Me  Dan Yessian & Cassaundra Fitch
 Stutter  Katie Stump, Jason Afable & Richard George Harris
 Graveyard  Casey Weston & Courtney Cole
 Coffee  Ryan Calhoun & John Flanagan
 I Lied  Danielle Deckard
 Pocket Space  The Occasions Music
 Skyline  Melissa Polinar
 Are You Ready (On Your Own) Ami Kozak, Dov Rosenblatt & Duvid Swirsky (Distant Cousins)