2014 Results


UPDATE:  The results are out! We would like thank our entrants, judges and sponsors for your support. More details of our top winners will be announced shortly. Also, enter the 20th Annual USA Songwriting Competition click here >>


Here are the winners of the 2014 Competition:



Justine Dorsey & Kerris Dorsey, 19th Annual USA Songwriting Competition Top Winner

"Best Worst Day Ever" by Justine Dorsey & Kerris Dorsey; Los Angeles, CA


"Enamorados" Luz Rios  & Ralf Stemmann; Los Angeles, CA


"Shifting Seasons" by Lawson Rollins; San Francisco, CA


"Fall Before You Fly" by Paul Kealy & Jack Carey; Co Carlow, IRELAND

"Down to the Science" by Ananda Goldsmith & Luke Estes, Sugarbeats, ft Em Harriss; Ashland, OR

"Enamorados" Luz Rios  & Ralf Stemmann; Los Angeles, CA
WORLD Waloyo Yamoni Christopher Tin Los Angeles, CA

"A Mile In Their Shoes' by Ryan Traughber & RASAR; Sacramento, CA

"Snow" by Matt Palmer, Hidde Huijsman, Massimo Cacciapuoti & Michel van der Zanden; Los Angeles, CA

"May As Well Laugh As Cry" by Stan Carew; Nova Scotia, CANADA

"Dancin' In The Kitchen" by Cathy Fink; Kensington, MD

"Between Me And My Heart" by Don Breithaupt & Jeff Breithaupt; Los Angeles, CA

"Shifting Seasons" by Lawson Rollins; San Francisco, CA

"Beautiful" by Chris Misterek; Phoenix, AZ

"Let It Go" by Jeremy Garrett (of the Infamous Stringdusters) & Jon Weisberger; Nashville, TN

"The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts" by Bonnie Bishop & Ronnie Rogers; Wimberley, TX

"The Edge" by David Benji Kuriakose, Tom George, Tony George (Built To Be Broken); Orlando, FL

"Best Worst Day Ever" by Justine Dorsey & Kerris Dorsey; Los Angeles, CA

 Justine & Kerris Dorsey, songwriters

"Higher" by Gino Torres; PHILIPPINES
"The Undressing Room" by Makana; Honolulu, HI
"Like They Do It In The Movies" by Nitanee Paris Lawson; Los Angeles, CA
"Say That you Love Me" by Natasha Duarte, Trevor Carter & Mick Malusa; NSW, AUSTRALIA
"Skeleton Crew" by Helle Hansen; DENMARK
"Bad Like A Motha" by Daniel Boursiquot; EastIslip, NY
"Sucker" by Mo Kenney; Nova Scotia, CANADA
"Holding On" by Cara Luft; Manitoba, CANADA
"Homesick" by Catie Offerman, Andreas Carlsson, Stephan Elfgren & Anders Wigelius; Los Angeles, CA
"You Try" by Mary Danna, Greg Friia, Andrew Lane and Anthony Little Minnetonka, MN
"Daanin Sa Musika" by Markel Cesar Luna; PHILIPPINES
"Qué bonito se siente" by Walter Suhr; Houston, TX
"Who Do I Have to F**k?" by Cynthia Kaplan; New York, NY
"Nothing's Funner Than Summer" by Kyler England & Lalo Crane; Los Angeles, CA
"Forbidden Fruit" by Keba Williams; Miami, FL
"Where The Trail Divides" by Tom Griesgraber; Encinitas, CA
"Your Words" by Jordan Sturdee & Jonathan Bowden (Battleships); QLD, AUSTRALIA
"Still Hanging On" by Adam Jensen; Boston, MA
"Give You My Heart" by Dan Yessian & Cassaundra Fitch; Farmington Hills, MI
"Tidal Waves and Hurricanes" by Maggie Szabo & Andrew Allen; Los Angeles, CA



The finalists of the 2014 Competition: 


Name of Song Songwriters Name (s)
Say You Will Bastian Lee Jones
Down to the Science Ananda Goldsmith & Luke Estes, Sugarbeats, ft Em Harriss
Aktiv8 Lindsay Hawkins
Surrender Carolyn Ferraro
Trippin On U Debra Gussin & Jonathan Bluth
Dance Florr Jean M McClain
Like They Do It In The Movies Nitanee Paris Lawson
Everybody's Lonely Darren Ockert
Beyond the Game Christine Vaindirlis
Say That you Love Me Natasha Duarte, Trevor Carter & Mick Malusa
Afraid Isioma
I'm Sorry I Am One Of A Kind
We Can Find A Way Dave Merenda
Physical Form Ashleigh Eymann
Hurricane Cahron Cross
余震東 Chun Tung Yu
New Age Tyrell Jefferson
Death of a Poet Teri Green
Bad Like A Motha Daniel Boursiquot & Love4Ladies
A Mile In Their Shoes Ryan Traughber & RASAR
Holding On Cara Luft
Hometown Battlefield J.P. Cormier
Revival Susan Cattaneo
Sucker Mo Kenney
Let It Go Jeremy Garrett (of the Infamous Stringdusters) & Jon Weisberger
We Are The Many Makana
Grace on a Train Jesse Terry
All Hope Ain't Gone Ryan Horne
Your Love Andrew Allen
Make It Up As We Go Along Big Little Lions
Loved By You Candice Russell, Dave Lubben & Aaron Russell
You Try Mary Danna, Greg Friia, Andrew Lane and Anthony Little
Hangin' With The Boys Catie Offerman, Andreas Johansson, David Fremberg
Homesick Catie Offerman, Andreas Carlsson, Stephan Elfgren & Anders Wigelius
His Heart Is In The Right Place Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino
Simple Things Dan Yessian & Sarah Nagourney
Arms Wide Open Tonight Alan White & Stacy Hogan
I Remember Everything Daisy Mallory, Hannah Ellis & Emily Weisband
The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts Bonnie Bishop & Ronnie Rogers
It's Time We Talk About Her Dale Allen, Bob McCormick & Bill Flowerree
End Of The Money Adam Avery & Christopher Hawthorn
Penguin in the Air Franz Mang
Love Is Raleigh Hall
Daanin Sa Musika Markel Cesar Luna
Sou Hiromi Suda
Take It Leni Stern
Versos de Lamento (Fado Daniel) Ciça Marinho
Frozen Xueran Chen
向前走 Charles Lee
Waloyo Yamoni Christopher Tin
The Emigrants Story Paul Kealy & Ciaran Brennan
Nothing Weeps Like A Cello Helle Hansen
Fall Before You Fly PPaul Kealy & Jack Carey
I Will Rise Sarah Lonsert & Michael Tommy
Run Away Nitanee Paris Lawson
Watch Me Burn Nitanee Paris Lawson
The Good In My Bad Richard Dames
Mayday Mayday Adam Knaff
Flying Erin Jarvis
Four Chords Michael Harmel
The Undressing Room Matthew Swalinkavich (Makana)
Dame Mas Mario Lopez, Joe Trespalacios, Francisco Javier León Moreno
Lo Que Se Da Regresa Emanuela Bellezza
Cuentame Beca Perfecto
Pa que te quedes Beca Perfecto
Tengo Walter Suhr
Qué bonito se siente Walter Suhr
ALGO QUE DECIR Marisela Puicon
Off The Top of My Head Danny Kerr
Enamorados Luz Rios & Ralf Stemmann
Penguin In The Air Robespierre
Who Do I Have to F**k? Cynthia Kaplan
If You Give a Man a Mower Mary Haller
Who's The Pusher Now Ellen Bukstel
The Hustler Store Jeff Marx
May As Well Laugh As Cry Stan Carew
Nine Words They Tried To Kill Us We Survived Let's Eat Lauren Mayer
Sensible Shoes Adam Steinberg
Charged! Cara Luft
Chick Magnet Michael Hahn
Thoughtfulness Laurence Conway
Let Me Play Outside Wendy Jill Cohen Tobias
Suddenly Summer Dan Cohen
When I Grow Up (I'd Like to be a Tree) Heather Johnson
Nothing's Funner Than Summer Kyler England & Lalo Crane
Imaginationology Jon Samson
Dancin' In The Kitchen Cathy Fink
Dream of Laughter Sherwin Kaufman
Stars Still Stay The Same Justine Dorsey, Kerris Dorsey & Jonathan Clark
I Am A Dog Kathy Possum & Sven Tydeman
Snow Matt Palmer, Hidde Huijsman, Massimo Cacciapuoti & Michel van der Zanden
Phoenix Chelsea McCoy
Forbidden Fruit Keba Williams
Wonder Woman Larissa Lam
Never (Lost Without You) michael mcdaniel
It's Just Rain Téa Petrovic
Can't Rush Love DeShaude Barner
The Truth Nisha Rattray
Trapped Christopher Lee
goukai na Fatta Yuki Yamazaki
Wondrous Light John Leavitt
Where The Trail Divides Tom Griesgraber
Off The Cuff Tim Farrell
Shifting Seasons Lawson Rollins
Danielle Maxim Cormier
Onward Mark Mazengarb
Flying High Above Tony Chen
In The Moment Mamdouh Saif
Locomotive Kyle Horn
The Promise Gernot Wolfgang
Letting Go Jason Cullimore
Sticks and Stones Darell Katz
Between Me And My Heart Don Breithaupt
Flight Lawson Rollins
Home Jun Furuya
Lea's Run Shunzo Ohno
Paquito's Choro Oscar Peñas
Skeleton Crew Helle Hansen
This Love Mike Flanagan & Lisa Bello
Picture of You Marie Michele Rivard
Beautiful Chris Misterek
After the Fall Leanna Crawford
Your Love Marcy Priest, Ben Hill & Joel Limpic
The Power of Prayer Sherwin Kaufman
Stand Tall Will Voegele
Higher Gino Torres
Awake Brant Pethick
Come Back Home Cameron Stymeist
Poorest Man Alive Rachel Honza
Misdiagnosed Harry Hookey
Buttons Mo Kenney (Molly Thomason)
Save Me (Climb The Walls) Jonathan Ferreri & Francy Goudreau​lt
Your Words Jordan Sturdee & Jonathan Bowden (Battleships)
Get Away With It Jacqueline Young, Athena Marie Byrne & Billy Schafer
Still Hanging On Adam Jensen
Moving Mountains Aric Damm
Parasite's Lust Janos Peter/firkin
Murder in the Atrium Nate Fenwick Smith
The Edge David Benji Kuriakose, Tom George, Tony George (Built To Be Broken)
Best Worst Day Ever Justine & Kerris Dorsey
$3 Jay Loftus, Brian Kierulf, Josh Schwartz
Issue$ Sammy Plotkin
Give You My Heart Dan Yessian & Cassaundra Fitch
Picking Up the Pieces Ken Hirsch, Rosie Casey & Sabrina Fuster
New Destination Rachael Sage
Twice Trannie Stevens
The Story Of Our Lives Dave Merenda
Don't Leave Me Lonely Rockwell Sands (Josh Wood, Jordan Casty, Trevor Dow/Band name: ZeroGravity)
Rebound Mary Danna, Anna Owens, Preston Brust
Tidal Waves and Hurricanes Maggie Szabo & Andrew Allen