:. The RESULTS OF 3rd Annual Christmas Songwriting Competition


Thank you to our entrants and sponsors. Here are the winners and finalists of the 3rd Annual Christmas/Holiday Songwriting Competition:

First Prize    
"Born For Me" by Samantha Nelson & Matthew Honda
Second Prize    
"Snow" by Todd Wright & Ryan Wright
Third Prize    
"Light A Candle" by Wayne Haun & Joel Lindsey


  Top 20 Finalists:

Name of Song
Songwriters Name (s)
Born For Me Samantha Nelson & Matthew Honda
I Can Tell It's Christmas Ryan Green & C. Hood
Good News (On Christmas) Ryan Green & C. Hood
Hey Christmas Lucas Hoge & Corey Barker
A Good Old Fashioned Christmas Ken Hirsch 
It’s Almost Christmas Eve Ken Hirsch, Rosie Casey & Steve Ross
A Perfect Time For A Kiss Jerry Silverstein & Richard Bach 
Snow Todd Wright & Ryan Wright
Light A Candle Wayne Haun & Joel Lindsey
Imagine This Christmas Wayne Haun & Joel Lindsey
Winter Wonder Leigh Haggerwood 
Christmas On Our Own Daniel James 
Merry Christmas To Me Beth Marie Anderson & Doug Folkins
We'll Be Together Jared Salte & Bethany Salte (The Royal Foundry)
All Wrapped up for X'mas Jean M McClain & Carlyle Barriteau
Fireside Jake Clayton & Rob Daniels
Can't Get a Kiss For Christmas Jan Buckinbgham & Scott Barrier
Where in the World is Christmas Kurt Bestor 
Hot Cocoa Marshmallows Robin Sandoval & Charlie Gathe
Memories Of Christmas Tom Chapin & Michael Mark

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