:. The RESULTS OF 2nd Annual Christmas Songwriting Competition


Thank you to our entrants and sponsors. Here are the Winners & finalists of the 2nd Annual Christmas/Holiday Songwriting Competition:

First Prize: "My Christmas Wish" by Philip Adams, Quincy, MA

Second Prize: "Snow Is On the Ground" by Jake Clayton, Rob Daniels & Cory Hall; Nashville, TN

Third Prize: "Dreaming of Christmas Morning" by Ruth Pollack Pappas; New York, NY


  Top 20 Finalists:

Name of Song Songwriters Name (s)
Light Another Candle For You Gitika Partington & Andrew McCrorie Shand
Dreaming of Christmas Morning Ruth Pollack Pappas
Underneath The Mistletoe Andy Barlow & Inside Origin
Cold December Night (Merry Christmas) Sherri Gough & Bill DiLuigi
How Do I Explain Holy Sherri Gough 
Make Time for Christmas Bill Elrod & Corey Lee Barker
Just One Kiss (It's Christmas) Randall Cohen & Gregory Martindale
Snow Is On the Ground Jake Clayton, Rob Daniels & Cory Hall
Jingle Bell It Joanne Stacey, Susan Giacona, Lucy LeBlanc & Ivan Boudreau
Christmas Country Style Henry Jack Williams & Lewis Garrison
Just One Kiss (It's Christmas) Randall Cohen & Gregory Martindale
Christmas Cheer Elise Go 
Come Play Santa With Me Brad Davis 
Can You Still Hear St Nicholas Sing Bradford Loomis & Kimberly Loomis
How The Candy Cane Got Its Stripes Tony Weeks & Scott Casperson
Christmas In Her Eyes Steven McClintock, Tim James & Doug Foxworthy
It Just Won't Be Christmas Now Brett Perkins 
My Christmas Wish Philip Adams 
Santa Bring Him Home Eva Ricci 
Someone is Missing at Christmas John Chaffee 

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