Thank you to our entrants and sponsors. Here are the winners and finalists of the Inaugural Christmas/Holiday Songwriting Competition:


1st Prize Winner:
"Hope of the World" by Jenn Bostic & Emily Shackelton; Nashville, TN
2nd Prize Winner:   
"Very Very Merry Merry" by Tim Gates, Brad Hull, Matt Lopez & Jason Deere; Nashville, TN
3rd Prize Winner:
"A December Stroll" by Martinus Lukmanto, Sam Fischer & Alexander Hong; New York, NY


Name of Song Songwriters Name (s)
Christmas in Las Vegas Terry Fator
Kisses For Christmas David Stark
I Dreamed About Christmas Andy Sarnoff & Pat Maiorino
One More Christmas Nitanee Paris
Christmas Kiss Nora Collins & Robert Arthur
Thank God Santa’s Still Around North Easton
Come Home For Christmas Helle Hansen
Holiday Employment Vance Gilbert
Santa Can I Give You A Lap Dance Jeff Moxcey
Santa Caught Me (Making Love To You) Khaya Cohen & Brett Castro
Christmas For You and Me Tony DeSare
You Ain't Gettin' Shit For Christmas! Douglas Stevens, Red Peters, Ed Grenga & Arthur Johnson
Christmas Needs Love To Be Christmas Steven McClintock & Tim James
Put Christ Back In Christmas Steven McClintock & Cathy-Anne McClintock
And In That Moment Tom Nichols and Dan Chadburn
Hope of the World Jenn Bostic & Emily Shackelton
A December Stroll Martinus Lukmanto, Sam Fischer & Alexander Hong
Dear Santa Krista Earle & Charles DiRainmondo
Very Very Merry Merry Tim Gates, Brad Hull, Matt Lopez & Jason Deere
Christmas Picture John Paciga



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