New Songwriting Book Released: How to Write Better Songs


     USA Songwriting Competition is pleased to announce a brand new book release: How to Write Better Songs: Songwriting Secrets from Award-Winning Songwriters, by Scott Ashley.

People often ask: “How did our past winners of the USA Songwriting Competition do this: Scott Oatley, Jamie Alimorad, etc – songwriters from all over – wind up as Overall Grand Prize Winners?”

This book is ultimate step-by-step quick start to writing a song right away, even though you have never written a song before. Tips from award winning songwriters in this book will help you in writing your songs. You will learn how to get rid of your songwriting blocks. Here is a preview of what you'll learn in this book:

A quick way to write a song

Songwriting advice from award winning songwriters

Writing the hook, verse, chorus, bridge

Writing lyrics

How to write Chord progressions

Tips on finding inspiration for writing your songs

A quick start to record or demoing your first song

How to copyright your songs

How to excel in Songwriting Competitions

And much, much more...

Award winning songwriters that have been featured in the book include: Ken Hirsch, Scott Oatley, Jamie Alimorad, Joe Hogue, Sean Petersen, Les Sampou, Meg Pfeiffer, Justin Ezzi, Sonny King, Jeff Roe, Steffani Bennett, Mary Beth Stone, Christie Lenée, Wilbur “B52” Levans, the family of the late Ari Gold, and the family of the late Ralph Murphy. This brand new book outlines the ways how award-winning songwriters do it. Also, shows quick way to writing songs, writing the hook, verse, chorus, bridge and more. Commentary from award winning songwriters and how to excel in Songwriting Competitions and more. “How to Write Better Songs” is a must-read for all songwriters and music artists.The book has just been released on Amazon (both Kindle eBook and Print versions). For more information about the book, visit:

Scott Ashley is a songwriter and graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is a voting member of the Recording Academy (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences). He is currently working as the Artist Relations director with the USA Songwriting Competition and IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards).

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